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American Idol and Primtime Live

Scott Soval was elimintaed and it's about time. Thanks America for putting us out of our misery. The only other exciting thing from the episode was the outpoor of love to Paula in an obvious gesture to show support.

Now, onto the Primtime Live Fallen Idol special. Corey Clark is a moron. He is desperate to make something of himself and plug his stupid song that constantly repeats the words, "straight up." Whether or not the alleged affair with Paula is true, does he really need to sell her out like that? She had nothing to do with his arrest and getting him kicked off the show.

Corey is just bitter he never made it to Clay’s status. By the way, Clay was on air this morning saying he does not believe Corey's story. He said, "We couldn't leave the house without checking out. We couldn't come back in without checking back in." That may have made things hard for Corey's sneaking around. Click here for more of Clay's reactions.

People reports that FOX is looking into the allegations made by Clark. ABC had evidence which included phone records, clothing receipts, voicemails and of course, Corey Clarks parents and friends (who claimed to meet Paula) words.

We don't care if Paula is sleeping with a man who is much younger than her (Hello Demi) but it all about the competition. Even if Paula helped Corey, he ended his own run on AI by not telling producers about his arrest so this should not even be an issue. Corey is simply trying to extend his 10 minutes of fame and he does not deserve 15 minutes. Paula does not need any more aggravation. ABC just wanted to win the 10pm time slot during sweeps - and it worked.

A FOX News reporter has more and even says "Paula's gotta go"

MSNBC says the only exciting thing about the Primetime special was seeing Randy Jackson in tight leather pants.

USA Todaysays the special could help, not hurt AI.

Anf of course Rosie has blogged about it as well. I like this new Rosie. She wrote:
ok that corey kid is on now
with john quiones
who is acting like
this is a story of vital importance

so paula tried to help
a 22 yr old unemployed
almost handsome
young man with a criminal record

she bought him clothes
and a cell phone
then - they had sex
2 adults
who gives a shit

this kid is a twerp
keeping receipts
and phone records
preparing for betrayal

between the runaway bride
the 10 pound hamburger
michael jackson
and now cruddy corey
i’m beginning to lose hope

i wonder if we will ever
get real news
in this country

disfunction junction
the art of distraction
fallen idol
the journalist says
as if it matters

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