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American Idol Season 6: Ladies Blow

Last week it was the boring boys and last night the ladies were less than impressive with a few standouts like the usual Melinda and Lakisha. Melinda was the best and she is consistently a pleasure to watch. Simon picked on poor Lakisha for her outfit but she still sang well. I also really enjoyed Alaina last night. Maybe I am just a sucker for a cute girl but I love her look. As for who I want off, please send home the horrible too tight prom dress wearing Gina Glocksen and Leslie Hart. Even though she sang okay her personality bugs me like no other.

Finally, once again Antonella sucked and I'm not talking about the racy photos of her on the internet. Which by the way in case you have not read is supposedly not her. Well, the wet t-shirt ones by the WWII memorial as if she was doing a Maxim spread are her, but those racier ones are apparently not. While we don't expect her to say anything Simon spoke out about them basically saying she had sh*tty friends (very true). Bottom line, this chick is not going anywhere. Not because she's a good singer (clearly she's not) but because she's sexy and the worst - so between vote for the worst and becoming the most searched person (over Paris and Britney) - will secure her yet another week on AI. So these three will be around next week. What do you think, vote here.

Image Source: Fox
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