Last night the ladies sounded better than the boys for the second week in a row but that was not that challenging of a task. Once again Melinda consistently blew away her competition. Lakisha was also a stand out performance but the best part was when Simon complimented her outfit. While I have not been a fan of Gina's, she finally stepped it up. She was much better last night (minus the screaming). As for the pathetic, let's please say bye to Haley. She is definitely off tonight. As for the second voted option, we all know Antonella needs to go but it ain't gonna happen. Her singing sucks but she's hot so expect to see her in the top 12. So who does that leave to get booted? Time is up for either Jordan or Sabrina. They were fine but fine doesn't cut it anymore. To read more about last night's episode and vote on who you think will be gone, click here.

Images courtesy of FOX