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American Idol Season 6 Rockin Bon Jovi

Last night was rocker night and it was pretty clear that this year's AI won't be churning out any awesome-like Daughtrys. We love ourselves a little Bon Jovi so we were psyched to see what was in store for us last night. Little did we know we were still going to be talking about hair now that Sanjaya is gone (thanks to Jordin and Blake).

Phil kicked off the night in what seemed like an okay performance but it was forgotten about by the end of the evening. Jordin killed her chances by screaming Living on a Prayer with the horrible red streaked hair. She should have left that look with Gina who was booted off for a reason. I really liked LaKisha last night and so did Simon based on that big kiss! I thought she rocked the house with Melinda. They both out-shined everyone else but the most talked about performance was beatbox Blake. He updated You Give Love A Bad Name in such a way that I am still confused. Love it or hate it, he will be safe. I predict the bottom three tonight are Phil, Chris and Jordin. Tonight we will lose two contestants. Click here to vote on who you think will be eliminated. For more details about last night, click here.

Image Source: Fox
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