Okay seriously, how sweet was Simon last night? As Molly would say, "methinks" someone might be enjoying some time with his girlfriend these days. I have always been a fan of the man who tells it like it is but last night he was softer than ever before. Seriously, the man has been saved by a woman, winks at contestants and loves puppies. How can you not love this guy?

As for my actual thoughts of the show, Jared is cheesy and might be next to go but I think Nick and AJ were even more blah than Jared. Sanjaya's pathetic Michael Jackson look may send him away this week as well (besides the fact that he was terrible). The best of the night were Chris S. and Chris R. and Blake (even though he is turning into annoying boy band guy he's still entertaining). To see a recap of last night's show and to vote on whom you think will be voted off, click here. To fall in love with Simon, watch the video below. Enjoy!