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American Idol Season 6 Top 10 - Gwen's Inspiration

American Idol Season 6 Top 10 - Gwen's Inspiration

Last night was supposed to be about Gwen Stefani and inspirational songs yet once again Sanjaya's hair will be the most talked about part of the evening. Most of the performances were forgettable including the disappointing Chris Sligh. There is always someone early on who sounds amazing that unfortunately doesn't improve as the show progresses and it looks like Chris is that contestant this year. As for favorites, I loved Melinda's look and then Simon bashed it. Boo. Also kudos to Phil for stepping up this week.

As for the bottom three, Haley took one of my all time favorite songs and destroyed it so hopefully she's in the bottom this week. I think she will join Chris Sligh and Jordin Sparks who was just wrong on so many levels. Gina was most improved this week but she still bugs me. We all know Sanjaya has to go but for some reason America wants us to suffer through his terrible voice and style each week so prepare for more of his hideousness next week. As for Gwen, she looks so much better not all made up but I was more upset we didnt get a Kingston sighting. Vote now on who you think is going home tonight and for more about last night's episode click here. Can't get enough of Idol? Join the AI group here and discuss it all week long!

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