Is it me or was Gwen lip syncing last night? The beginning looked a bit off but she did her thing and looked great in her usual high waisted costume. Not sure why Akon was really there but I have a crush on him so who cares if his main purpose was to do some whoo-hoos. Love the shout out she gave Kingston, but why wasn't Gavin holding the little rocker up in the audience? That would have been ratings gold. By now you all know one of my favorites, Chris Sligh was eliminated last night but it was no shock that he was a total disappointment this week. I do love how he went around to the other contestants at the end giving everyone hugs. He just seems like a really nice funny guy but he lacked star power and any improvements from week to week. In case you missed it, enjoy Gwen's performance until next week when we have a new reason to make fun of Sanjaya. For more on last night, click here.