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American Idol: Simon Blushes and Haley Cries

Simon may not sing for $26 mil but he did blush for free. That would have been my favorite part of the show but I was happier to see Haley finally booted. I also loved the Tony Bennett sketch. He's such a good sport! I'm still sad he didn't perform. Jennifer Lopez looked fierce. I wish I knew what she was saying since she gets so passionate about her music and I want to be a part of that emotion but shame on me for not knowing Spanish. I guess it just made me realize that I am looking forward to her English album. OK back to Haley, we will miss her legs and the possible opportunity for her to show up in a bikini but I guess she'll be able to leak those photos online at some point. Perhaps her decision to wear a lot of clothes last night was her downfall. For more about last night, click here.

Image Source: Fox
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