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American Idol Not So Sensitive Simon Sort of Redeems Himself

Last night we watched the final 7 but it should have been the final 2. Blake and Melinda were by far the most entertaining and talented. Sanjaya is not worth even talking about. Poor Bonnie Raitt. She must have been so bummed to hear her song so butchered. The most noteworthy part of the evening was when Chris Richardson sent condolences to the VA Tech families. Simon was caught on camera rolling his eyes. Thankfully (more for FOX, Idol, and their sponsors) Simon sent his condolences as well on behalf of the judges and then explained why this might have been an off week for the contestants. Even better, today Simon is saying he's horrified about the eye roll and that he was reacting to Chris' nasal comment. We're actually glad he said something today since we knew that was a totally inappropriate reaction even for Simon.

As for the bottom three, I am predicting Chris, LaKisha and Phil even though we all know Sanjaya should be at the top of this list. For a more detailed recap of the show click here and don't forget to vote on who you think is leaving tonight.

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