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American Idol Top 10 Men

Chikezie Chikezie Chikezie and OMG Robbie Got a Wig!

American Idol was a rollercoaster last night. At first I was just disappointed that two of last week's strongest contestants kicked off the show with weak performances. Lucky for us it wasn't a complete waste of a night, since the final acts were very entertaining. Here's my two cents:

  • Michael Johns was off the entire song.
  • Jason Castro was just OK.
  • Luke was the most improved from last week, but sadly after he performed, the show stalled big time. The acts in between Luke and Chikezie were basically forgettable.
  • Side note: OMG fake rocker Robbie wears a wig. No wonder Simon has been hinting to the audience that he is a fake.
  • Chikezie was the first fun performance, and he nailed the vocals. Besides, I just love saying his name. I'm not sure why Simon has such a hard time spitting it out since it's so much fun to say. I also loved the playful banter with Simon — always a crowd pleaser when done right . . . unlike David Cook.
  • Cook's song was good, but the awkward exchange with Simon at the end killed it for me.
  • Finally, David Archuleta is the cutest thing ever. I just want to go squeeze him. He clearly has the best voice of all the men last night, and he's only 17. Very impressive indeed!

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