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American Idol Top 10 Women

Simon's So Vain, He Probably Thinks This Post Is About Him

So much for the best season of Idol ever. Last night was another letdown. I still heart Brooke. The song, her voice, her look, and her banter with Simon are all adorable. Also love the modesty — not from Simon, from Brooke of course. Other winners were Carly and Ramiele. The rest were just whatever. I'm not buying Kristy Lee Cook's attempt to be wholesome. Amanda needs to stop trying too hard. The hair and outfit were painful to look at and should we really reward someone who simply sounds like she smokes three packs of cigarettes a day? Oh and need I mention the DUI?

Asia'h's the closing number was just a mistake. She was not impressive, and it was embarrassing. Apparently the flu is still causing problems, but what's going to be the excuse next week? Let's just get down to the final 12 already. Bye Bye Jason Yager, Robbie, and Amanda and Alexandrea. Buzz's recap here and don't forget to vote off your girls here!


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