Last night kicked off the Top 12 men and women performing together and they sang Beatles songs! Too bad a lot of them butchered the beautiful tunes. My favorites this week were Brooke, David Cook and top spot goes to Chikezie. Since they all have been faves of mine since early on I won't bore you with rave reviews.

Carly was also entertaining and Jason, Michael and Syesha were good as well. As for the stinkers, Kristy Lee looked smoking hot but that country song on speed was beyond terrible. David Hernandez sounded and looked cheesy and like Simon said, "desperate." Amanda still bugs (sorry all you fans) and Ramiele was a disappointing blah. David Archuleta hasn't had a bad night yet but forgetting the lyrics should be an automatic elimination at this point. Bottom line, the bottom three will be David Hernandez, Kristy Lee Cook and probably Syesha but my bet is David's getting the boot. Check out Buzz for more from last night's American Idol and don't forget to vote on who you think is going to be sent home tonight.

Photo courtesy of Fox