Tom and Katie had another big Saturday this weekend. Before attending their star studded post wedding celebration at Paula Wagner's house they got back to their usual weekend routine. The newlyweds enjoyed a relaxing afternoon on the soccer field to watch Isabella's soccer game, and Tom even practiced his skills as well. However, despite Tom's new normal behavior many Americans still think he is totally creepy. Page Six reports:

TRY as he may to change his image from couch-jumping freak to loving husband and father, Tom Cruise is still freaking Americans out. In a new Gallup Poll, only 12 percent of respondents said they would make a big effort to see a Cruise flick, while 34 percent said they would not see one at all, noting they were "creeped out" by the zealous Scientologist. Meanwhile, Tom Hanks rated as America's favorite actor (with Reese Witherspoon as favorite actress). Despite his anti-Semitic tirade, Mel Gibson was voted sixth-favorite actor. In fact, 26 percent of poll respondents said they would make a special effort to see any movie he appears in. However, 15 percent said they would avoid his pictures.

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