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Amid More Controversy, Britney Records On

Britney isn't letting a pesky child services investigation get in the way of her creative juices. She and her long blonde extensions were seen leaving the recording studio yesterday with what looks like a demo cd in hand. I was a little disappointed by her lackluster "comeback" release, but hopefully she's whipping up some hot dance tracks for the album.

Meanwhile, Kevin's lawyers' attempts to subpoena everyone close to Britney power on. Last night police had to respond to a call when Sam Osama Lufti, who is somehow associated with Brit, rammed his car into that of Aaron Cohen, the man hired by Kevin's Lawyer to serve Sam papers. Obviously, Mr. Lufti does not want to talk.

Also, not much for talking these days is Britney herself, who declined to show up at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards despite being nominated alongside Paris, Lindsay, Sanjaya and Larry Birkhead in the "Newsmakers of the Year" category. When Lindsay, Brit and Paris all skipped out, the show canceled the award entirely. Definitely can't say I blame Britney for not wanting to win a prize for the shaving her head moment.

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