Amy, Will, Aziz, and Rashida Recreate and Celebrate
Amy, Will, Aziz, and Rashida Recreate and Celebrate

NBC's newest comedy, Parks and Recreation, debuted sandwiched between two episodes of The Office last night. Instead of staying home to watch the show's premiere, the stars took their minds off reviews and ratings to party away at My House club in Hollywood. Amy Poehler was hilarious as the heart of the show — she and Will Arnett left baby Archie at home for the night to celebrate. Aziz Anzari is my favorite part of the show already, while Rashida Jones is sweet as ever. Anna Faris has her own movie coming out this weekend, Observe and Report — check out Buzz's review here — but she came to support her fiance Chris Pratt. I'm clearly already on the P and R train, but are you loving it yet?

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