Andy Samberg Talks Emmys and Going Green With Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Andy Samberg joined other eco-friendly celebrities like Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, and Ashton Kutcher last night at Lexus's "Dark Side of Green" event in LA. It was a particularly exciting day for Andy, after he picked up an Emmy nomination for his SNL digital short with Rihanna called "Shy Ronnie." Andy didn't hear the news until later in the morning, though — he said, "But to be fair, I never get up early." He put off celebrating to instead moderate a debate on global warming, but first Andy spoke to us about reacting to his honor, who he'd like to collaborate with next, and what he does to stay green. Andy said:

  • On the SNL family's reaction to the Emmy nominations: "There were some happy emails ballied about. But yeah, I'm super excited for Kristen [Wiig] obviously, and Tina [Fey] and Betty White are much beloved. I'm really excited for everyone there, obviously."
  • On who he wants for his next digital short: "Bill Clinton. I haven't talked to him directly, but like, I'm putting out feelers . . . It would just be a rap. There'd be, like, seven sax breaks."
  • On whether he has a bias on global warming: "Even if I wasn't, I would never admit it. As moderator, that would completely negate my job, you know? It's like, Barack Obama can't be like: 'Oh my god, Andy Samberg is my favorite cast member on SNL,' even though he probably wants to. He can't, cause then everyone would be like, 'That's not fair!'"
  • On how he stays green in his daily life: "Recycle. I also mix yellow and blue."

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