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Nadee Nadee 9 years
Boney ghost movie in the making.....
chellybean chellybean 9 years
She has the physique of a 90 year old woman. What happened to Tombraider era Angelina? Talk about a perfect bod.
AshleyDaigh AshleyDaigh 9 years
Jodie Foster did not move from place to place like the Jolie-Pitts. She did make many movies as a child, but did not move around. She stayed in the same house with her other siblings when she was a child for many years. I don't know any children that move as often as the Jolie-Pitts. Jodie Foster has a genius IQ and you can't give credit to that to her school, intelligence is something you're born with, knowledge is what you learn. You say she turned out Ok, she has said in many interviews that she has never been normal or felt normal. She has had a dysfunctional family since a very young age, she's an introvert, and she's had to battle many emotional issues. She's a good actress though.
Jinx Jinx 9 years
Ginger, you are absolutely right about Academy awards and box office sucess not going hand and hand. So many actors have had Oscar buzz in the past, and then not even been nominated. Its best just to wait and see, then try and guess.
marionettevirus marionettevirus 9 years
I think she looks totally lush. & she makes me think about cutting my hair !
The-City-Girl The-City-Girl 9 years
She looks gorgeous in the close-up, but she looks like an awkward mess of sharp gangly limbs in the second one, like Olive Oyl from Popeye!
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
She looks super pale in the top right photo.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
No school is a sure-fit for any student. A student who couldn't hack it at Lycée Français might not have done any better at another school during that time in their life. They teach the arabic number system and American history in addition to the French curriculum, and have English reading and writing. Some students do really well, like Claire Danes and Jodie Foster, who both got into ivy league colleges. Jodie was number one in her class and went on to graduate magna cum laude at Yale in English Literature. And since she was a working actress through her childhood, she probably traveled as often as Maddox, yet seemed to turn out okay.
peachiepink peachiepink 9 years
i'm not so sure she herself looks old hollywood. her beauty is much more unconventional and modern. but this outfit (especially the hat) is very pretty.
citychic000 citychic000 9 years
blah blah blah blah OVERRATED!!!!!!!!
maplesyrup maplesyrup 9 years
This woman is absolutely stunning~!~ It doesn't matter what she puts on or whether if she has makeup on or not. She's just beautiful. I think she can pull off different looks which makes it easier to work with someone like her because she can deliver the character fully. No matter what anyone says about her, she's on top of the world.
any any 9 years
she needs to eat
MistyEdge MistyEdge 9 years
i meant his daughter went there
MistyEdge MistyEdge 9 years
One of the co-founders of my husband's work went to the Lycée Français school in Los Angeles and his wife hated it. She said that their daughter had attended for much of her school career and that they pulled her out and sent her to a good public school her last 2 years. They said that when she went to take an aptitude test that she was barely at grade level in English, Math and Sciences. She said that math is taught following the French curriculum which is different from the American curriculum, English is very poor, as for Sciences, it is a disaster. The children in this school are not tought basic skills for success within the American system, this was a major problem . IShe said that the education at the Lycee is counter productive, a lost of time and money. I'm sure there are parents that are happy and satisfied but this was her expirence with the school.
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
So that means they teach the metric system, because that's what the French teach. US school private and public usually only touch on that since it's not widely used here. Just because they teach French in America..I mean..what makes it better? There are students from all over the world coming to US colleges, a lot more so than US students going to foreign colleges, so I really don't get what makes the Lycée Français system better. To each his own. I guess it looks better on a transcript.
giazpt giazpt 9 years
Angelina looks beautiful as always I cant wait to watch this movie.
Imabeliever Imabeliever 9 years
Cate will more than likely get nominated for Elizabeth:The Golden Age (again). But a lot of people in the industry haven't ruled AJ out for a AMH or Brad for TAoJJbtCRR. The problem with JJ is the studio's lame release of the film.. they have slow roled it across the counrty with little promo. I watch a lot of prime time TV and have not seen 1 trailer for it. and that was bitter grapes between Brad/director vs the studio in the editing of the film. The problem is most studios believe all movies goers have ADD and want 3:10 to Yuma (the original was better by the way). Some people prefer an Ungforgiven or a psychological character study to a popcorn western starring a Brit and an Aussie as American outlaws :OY:
Ginger Ginger 9 years
The difference between the Lycée Français schools and regular schools where you can take foreign language for an hour or so is that the Lycée Français system is a French immersion program, so a lot of the regular topics (math, science, etc.) are taught in French.
amandahugginkiss amandahugginkiss 9 years
i think the studio is pushing for a lead actress nod cate's role in "i'm not there."
tiabia tiabia 9 years
Jinx...I tried to...but I'm still here...LOL
hotstuff hotstuff 9 years
I think Angie will most definitely get an Oscar nod for A Mighty Heart! Man the scene when she finds out her husband is dead is one of the most powerful scenes ever created, seriously it was awesome just the pain she portrayed. I hardly ever cry at movies the last cry scene was Hotel Rwanda but man I was bawling at that scene in The Mighty Heart!
Jinx Jinx 9 years
I need to unsubscribe too. :oy:
Zahara-Pitt Zahara-Pitt 9 years
yes Paltrow
tiabia tiabia 9 years
Zahara-Pitt Zahara-Pitt 9 years
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