We can't get over how different Angelina looks in her curly wig as new BFF Mariane Pearl. And we may not be seeing too much more of it. She's evidently done shooting in India and yesterday the whole family left to head to the states. Just as I was getting used to them being there! Here's more:

Brangelina and company made their gorgeous way to the airport in Pune yesterday, with Brad carrying baby Shiloh (who again remained hidden from view) and Angie holding Maddox's hand and carrying Zahara. The family was seen off by very few paparazzi, a far cry from the crush they will undoubtedly face once they return to California.

The people of India are probably breathing a collective sigh of relief. There will be no more Jolie-Pitt autorickshaw accidents, frenzied mobs, or unpermited helicopter landings - at least in Pune. For more pics of Angelina in character just