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Angelina and Brad's Thanksgiving Tour

Angelina and Brad's Thanksgiving Tour

While many of us spent Turkey day stuffing our faces with family and friends, Brad and Angelina decided to cruise around and do a little site seeing instead. The two were spotted touring Vietnam's largest city by scooter for Thanksgiving yesterday. Later they enjoyed a lovely and not so traditional Thanksgiving dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. We hope everyone had a fabulous holiday with their loved ones!

More pics of the Jolie-Pitts cruising around town so













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Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
They look so happy in love :)
lula29 lula29 10 years
They have lots of love for each other. I mean, why spend private time together if you don't like the other person. Clarinha, I think you're right too. I think they try to be emotionless in front of cameras. So many people wish for their end it's funny. What have they really done so wrong except move on with their lives. No one knows a thing about how his marriage ended, but still they must break up or be unhappy. They have kids, why shouldn't they try and make it work. They seem to like each other and are making an effort to be together. How strange every move of their relationship is photographed to be ananlyzed. It's like they're animals at the zoo or something. It's strange. Hopefully, for their sake and ours, I'm sick of seeing pics of them too, there will be fewer photos in the future.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
There is never any emotion on either of their faces when they're together
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 10 years
I can see the love. I hope Angelina is pregnant, again.
clarinha clarinha 10 years
To be honest I think they intentionally try to be cold in front of the cameras, I remember watching that TMZ video with them in the Art gallery, and they were smiling, touching each other, talking about the paints, but as soon as they saw the paparazzi Angelina turned around serious and they went to the back of the room. Some people in the art gallery posted that during the time they were there they kissed, hold hands and were very affectionate with each other. Also lets not forget that if they start to hug, kiss and be very caring in public and talk in their interviews lovely about each other, part of the media may start that hole “how must be difficult to Jennifer see and hear all that” And last, I think Brad really regrets the “Golden Couple tag” that was put on him and his ex, when they were together, and how difficult it made the divorce process, during the marriage he keep saying how he and Jennifer weren’t the poster boy and girl for marriage, that their marriages was complicated, that they didn’t believe in happy after ever, but the media only wanted to see the pretty picture.
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
its turkey some pie! or something...i think you just bruised my retina with your kneecap...
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
By the way, anyone who has EVER driven a scooter through Vietnam would KNOW how terrifying and non-comedic it can be! Maybe they were just happy to get where they were going in one piece but their joy was masked by that cold wave you get when you survive something pretty bloody scary! lol
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
I'm sorry, but in the midst of all those bloody people with cameras hoping to steal a glimpse of them, you think the first thing on their minds is lets stop and smooch for the camera because people who don't live with us day in and day out have the impression that we aren't wildly in love? Gimme a break. My husband and I were just looking at these photos and we were talking about how hard it must be fore ANY celeb couple to maintain a happy relationship when people are always stifling you. There are times when we walk around and we're together, but our brains are thinking about things that need to be done, etc. If someone took pics of us at those moments, we'd looks pretty separate, too. But that's not the case. Case scenario: If the paparrazzi came into your living room to see your husband drinking beer and watching the game while you are reading a book in the next room, what do you they would deduct from that? Trouble in Paradise? Separate lives? Poor sods just wanted a night out together...
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
i just dont see their love, they are never affectionate towards eachtother! i think the kids are the only thing they have in common... they didnt even have a chance to really get to know eachother before having kids as angie was already with child when she stole brad...
Fancy04 Fancy04 10 years
Oh yes. Brad is hot, and Ange is gorgeous.
Fancy04 Fancy04 10 years
The Jolie-Pitts are looking good.
paigesweetkisses paigesweetkisses 10 years
she should really eat. i hate this couple
gossipqueen gossipqueen 10 years
LOVE THEM!!! I think they're always serious when the paps are around...did anybody see the stolen leaked photos a dude was trying to sell a few months ago???? They were BEAMMING!! TOGETHER!! lol, but of course, if you think they're "cheaters" and all that stuff you're never gonna think they're happy. I hope they last, I'm a hopeless romantic sometimes and they seem like a fairytale! Perfect for each other!
playsindirt playsindirt 10 years
I like that they are in their own little world just doing their own thing. They are lovely human beings.
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
They are such a giving couple. Love this family.
clarinha clarinha 10 years
I think this hole “they don’t look in love so stupid”, these two people are inseparable since what? Summer of 2005? They simply don’t stay way from each other. Besides we all saw how much IN LOVE Brad and Jennifer looked and they went straight to divorce court. Besides I prefer this to another Tom Kat.
kidcrazy2 kidcrazy2 10 years
LOL Jinx!!! I think Ang looks gorgeous in these pics. She could use some more calories that's for sure.
Fantasia1 Fantasia1 10 years
i agree with both layla and lemuse... i dont see love.. i see just to ppl not one 2 seperate ppl and yea she is tooo skinnny
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
I am not hot on Brad like a lot of woman but I must say he is looking very hot in these photos...I am not sure if it is him or the manly way he is straddling that bike but me likey.
E-Dubs E-Dubs 10 years
Her legs are SO thin. They're not even feminine. She could use a left over turkey sandwich!
funkyfeet funkyfeet 10 years
There's a kissing picture out there somewhere and I'm dying to see it.
Canadian-Willy Canadian-Willy 10 years
This is one ride where the back seat has the best view!
Sica Sica 10 years
They look great!I think she's wearing a Havaianas! I have one just like hers...hehehehe... ________________________________________ The KKK took my babe away...
funkyfeet funkyfeet 10 years
I heart this couple. Even with all the hate they just keep doing their thing. Love them.
Jinx Jinx 10 years
The Jolie Pitts never wear helmets, including Maddox on the 4 wheeler. In fact all their clothing choices leave them very unprotected here. I guess you don't have to worry when you're Gods, if they were to crash, they'd probably fall into billowy clouds. lol ;) ~Procrastinate Now! Don't Put It Off~ (Ellen)
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