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Angelina Cheating on Brad?

Since the tabloids are still desperate to think of stories with the Brad, Jen and Angie love triangle, Life and Style is now bringing Angie's ex into the picture. They are reporting that Jonny Lee Miller was overheard saying that the two still get together and Brad would be crushed if he knew. He SUPPOSEDLY said:

“Mr. Pitt has no idea who Angie really is,� Jonny says, according to a witness. “We love each other deeply, and Mr. Pitt, I’m sure, doesn’t know how much we love each other — or how often!�

Yes, we know Angelina and Jonny are still friendly and they don't hide when they go to dinner as catch up. I actually wrote about Angie cheating on Brad back in May when Angelina and Jonny were out in London. The only reason I said cheating then is because she looked pissed off as if she was caught and would have some explaining to do when the pics surfaced. But the entire L&S article is here where you can read more about this source said this or that source said that which makes me think they created a lot of something out of nothing. It may be true since Angie does not have the best track record but this story seem extremely fabricated.

More pics here

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