Another photographer is claiming he was injured by Angelina's security guards on her movie set in India. He claims he was verbally abused, punched in the face and had a gun pulled on him after he gave Angelina his business card. WTF!? I think we can now officially say the frenzy behind the Jolie-Pitt trip in India isn't going to calm down anytime soon. Here's more:

Singh said he was down the road from the bungalow when he spotted Jolie in the back of a taxi while filming a scene from the movie. When the filming paused, he said, he put down his cameras and approached Jolie to give her his card, which she accepted through the window of the taxi before it drove off.

At that point, he said he was approached by one American security guard and two Indian guards, all of whom verbally abused him. One of the Indian guards punched him in the face and he swung back, also hitting the guard in the face, Singh said.

Then, he said, the other Indian guard "grabbed me and the first guard punched me again."
Singh said the first Indian guard then drew a gun and said he would be shot if he did not leave. The American guard did not take part in the scuffle, but witnessed the incident, the photographer said.

Singh said he was then let go, and he collected his equipment and departed. Jolie did not witness the incident, he said, adding that his face was bruised under his right eye but he was otherwise uninjured.