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Angelina Jolie's 2000 Passionate Oscar Speech Leaves Many Speechless

Flashback Friday: Angelina's Passionate Oscar Speech Leaves Many Speechless

It's Friday, time to reach back into the archives for another memorable pop culture moment. We're gearing up for the Oscars and with Angelina and Brad spending time with their family in Italy it's unlikely they'll be in attendance in LA this weekend. In this week's Flashback Friday, we're taking a trip back to year 2000 with Angelina's Oscar acceptance speech for her role in Girl, Interrupted. Her wardrobe and hair created lots to talk about but most memorable may have been proclamation of love for her brother during the speech. Happy Friday!

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anya82 anya82 7 years
#19 what are you talking about? it's bad enough to hate a celebrity based on rumors but to attack their fans as well. is it a requirement to be a little crazy to like jennifer aniston?
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
If you think that loving a family member is incestuous or immoral you ARE twisted, period. So if you love your father, your mother, your cousin etc. you are no doubt having relations "banging" them? You really have a BIG problem in your life and family to think that way. I hope you are not raising any children and if you are please get treatment before you ruin their lives as well. I feel so sorry for you for obviously there is not much love in your family since you find it so disgusting.
anya82 anya82 7 years
she's so beautiful. the speech was real and very emotional. so what if she made it seem like there is more between her brother and her than legal or normal? it's speculative and gross to even insinuate.
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
the speech would've been lovely (and I am NOT a fan) if she didn't say IS weird and if you don't think so, you're probably banging a family member too...didn't she hate her dad back then too? odd that she thanked him but that's a fcuked up family
Melly80 Melly80 7 years
oh...fuck up!
Must be a slow news day for Pop. Out of all the Oscar acceptance speeches they could post, they pick the one guaranteed to get the most comments from Anons.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 7 years
a lot of people have won multiple golden globe and SAG awards. skanky has won an award in years.
Cassie Cassie 7 years
I'm not really an Angelina fan but that really was beautiful.
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