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Freyda Freyda 5 years
LOL!! I guess that must be why Jenifer Aniston said on national television Brad WAS NOT the love of her life but "A love of my life". That was DURING the marriage. And since they didn't create a family together and Jen had nothing to do with her own family and she was absent from his family celebrations with her in-laws how could she consider him her family during their marriage?
hat hat 5 years
Yell Jennifer Aniston thought he was the love of her life and her family too!
Genug Genug 5 years
Nice pics - still prefer jennifer
hkd hkd 5 years
Congratulations Ange on winning the Producers Guild award! I can't wait to see your new film... But - can it be, am I imagining things, or is it, is it, a RACHEL that Angelina is sporting??!!??
Freyda Freyda 5 years
LOL! jaan_ we know but that is your problem to deal with .... that black little heart of yours.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
I say what I mean and mean what I say - suck it
Raychell Raychell 5 years
Wow, she looks so beautiful. I love these photos!
loser60 loser60 5 years
Angie fans - click on the link to marie claire's photos. they have some from the shoot and she is just beautiful - and actually in some shorts (bike shorts maybe) and looks just like every other hw star - thin but healthy - great pics perfection - agree about the lunchmeat - whew the air cleared
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
Stunningly beautiful as always- self confidence is very attractive - she loves her family - in the end that's all that matters. Thank God the lunchmeat got thrown out
chrisburnett007 chrisburnett007 5 years
One Of My Favorite Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie, I love her movies and cute pics................. I see her cute pics @
ojoba ojoba 5 years
I also love how she has evolved into being a mother to six beautiful kids,her humanitarian efforts to now being a writer/director of her film.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 5 years
It is rather humorous that jaan-black always finds her way to Angie blogs. jann-black you are a bully and a stalker, this the only fun you have in life??? Very sad, Angelina looks breathtakingly beautiful. You go girl.
dolce-x-gabbANA dolce-x-gabbANA 5 years
Angelina looks GORGEOUS and it's so nice to hear her speak so highly of Brad! Rather than all the garbage you hear in the media of people trash talking each other constantly.
loser60 loser60 5 years
jann - we know you are obsessed with her. she is fascinating its ok. stunning photo. glad she has a loving family and loves brad. bet they have a merry christmas
Marlowe Marlowe 5 years
I love Angie & Brad and the commitment they have to their family.
Freyda Freyda 5 years
jann -- WATB!
ChicagoDiva ChicagoDiva 5 years
She's beautiful, plain and simple. Her look is stunning, she would turn anyone's head in person, I bet. Although I don't subscribe to her politics, I do love how she's evolved from a wild child to a homebody with countless kids.
LuvKandy LuvKandy 5 years
Love how jaan_black can pay a compliment to Jolie and still diss her at the same time. We get it. You hate her. But funny how you always pop up on her posts ...
awesomepants awesomepants 5 years
^LOOL @ anus-y upper lip. Such a strange but accurate description.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
he's not only the president, he's also a client - we get it...she looks fab on the cover minus that anus-y upper lip
ndelam ndelam 5 years
Love Angie & Brad and their family. Wish they were married, but respect their decision, and love their devotion to each other and their children. The whole family is just stunning!
Freyda Freyda 5 years
WHat a wonderful young woman!!
gigiy gigiy 5 years
Love love love you guys! You are such great parents and good people. People like you make the world a better place. We should all be so lucky! Keep up the good work!
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