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fabulous29 fabulous29 5 years
what fun parents -angie always looks so thin is her top popping?
KD25 KD25 5 years
Especially when it hits you in the ball sack.
CG CG 5 years
I hate getting hit by paintballs. It really stings.
noonehere noonehere 5 years
the"depravity" of their own country??? Really!!!? @garvanzagirl Shame on you for your ethnocentrism and racism (and obvious lack of education and manners).
bohemianrhapsody bohemianrhapsody 5 years
super duper cool!
mswindang mswindang 5 years
I think it's cool that they shared this experience with their son. I used to play paintball with my siblings and my cousins, and it's always a barrel of laughs after the session has ended. I'm sure they had a great time.
loser60 loser60 5 years
maybe - but maybe it was a employee - they make big $ for these photos - could be either
aqwzsx aqwzsx 5 years
I'm so tired of Brangelina's photo ops..i mean do they really want us to believe that the paps "just happened" to be there? come on It's one thing to be photographed coming and going from your home 'cause the paps would know where you live but to be photographed everywhere you go, it's another thing I guess the paps just happened to be there exactly when they were playing paintball. ...right
garvanzagirl garvanzagirl 5 years
Love it. I want to try that!!!! Chill out people they are playing. Their children have witnessed and have been exposed to many areas of the world. They are aware of the depravity of their own countries because Jolie takes them there.
ycolette1 ycolette1 5 years
CONTACT Child Protective Services a 10 yr boy is playing paintball .My neighbors' kids having been playing paintball since they were 7 . The 9 yo just had his Bday party at a paintball field last weekend. I guess I need to run over and tell her she is horrible mother.BTW she is a pediatrician. I hope she doesn't lose her medical license for letting her kids play paintball. GMAB
Raychell Raychell 5 years
Looks like fun. Obviously something some of you need more of.
KD25 KD25 5 years
OMG its paintball calm down people.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
Maddox doesn't need a helmet, let the kid get hit in the head with a paintball
1284355 1284355 5 years
that's awesome!
YGenLibra YGenLibra 5 years
Maddox is a lucky kid.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 5 years
it's an inside joke.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 5 years
this woman is obsessed with weapons yet deplores war. but then again, she's nuts.
likethedirection likethedirection 5 years
How fun! Yes, getting hit with paintballs hurts a lot sometimes, but that's part of the fun...getting to look at all your battle wounds afterwards!
love-the-shoes love-the-shoes 5 years
I'm writing this before reading even one post. I applaud them. This is good parenting in action. I grew up with a healthy respect for guns and was taught by my parents how to use them. We didn't hunt living things (have relatives who did precisely that but for food not fun) We skeet shoot and target shoot. That all said, I despise how guns have become political, and also how America has become so obsessed with the culture of wanting them solely to be used to hurt and kill other human beings by defense or offense.
janekay janekay 5 years
the Jolie-Pitts rock! they r sooo cool!
Lyllie Lyllie 5 years
I seriously doubt that the people who are "so concerned" are out picketing stores, manufacturers, etc of toy guns, paintball facilities. You sound stupid attacking Angelina when it's obvious that you're just haters. Obviously these facilities cater to kids but it's fine for all kids except Angelina's (never Brad) kids.
Donnaday Donnaday 5 years
One thing about extreme living or living on the outer edges of life – you have to keep it extreme, always toping what you have already done, otherwise you become like the rest of us, normal and boring.
noonehere noonehere 5 years
Really sad to see this war education going on...
loser60 loser60 5 years
My niece is adopted from another country and we never refer to her as "blank's adopted dtr" etc. she is just a dtr niece etc. she knows where she was born and the culture but her parents are her parents. he is their son plain and simple and believe me they don't care what we think. if you think Maddox thinks of them as "my adoptive parents" you are so wrong.
1246386 1246386 5 years
This is so cool... And Angie doesn't promote violence in her movies lol, she promotes entertainment like all action movies... Paintball is a game : Maddox is 10 and he probably knows at his age that real guns are not good...Angie told that she learn to her kids that violence is not good and these kids see that is not good when they go in poor countries and see refugees !
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