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jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
oh please, this twisted bytch loves the world and can't forgive her dad but she fcuked her mom's ex man when she was a teenager? the guilt must be eating her alive (yes, ice princesses DO cry when they're alone)....that said, this is the best she's looked in years but she needs to leave the Bride of Frankenstein hair at home and change it up a little...this dress gives her a shape and she needs to stick with this style
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
That Angie and her boyfriend are wealthy beyond my or anyone else's wildest dreams is exactly my point!!!!! Brad is worth a reported 150 MILLION, Angie is worth $120 MILLION. 270 MILLION as a couple. And yet last year the donated a measly 3% of their income. That's less than my own family! Hypocrites! You compare them to Oprah and Trump, neither of which claim to be "humanitarians" Oh, and if the vast majority of us aren't fooled by this actress's fake persona, we are JA fans.? I see why the term "loon" is short "Brangeloons" not for JA fans. Though I would watch her over AngieHOlina any day. My dislike for Angie, whom I have never met, isn't anymore unusual than your admiration and worship of a woman YOU"VE never met. I base it on what I see and what I've heard and read, just like you. The numbers for her real-estate holding can be found on line, matter of public record. Don't forget she still owns a 46 million dollar estate in England. I happen to love the word "liverwurst." I think it's a funny word like "platypus". But If you wish to visit grammar school about "post id names" I'll go there with you. I'd say "Loser" is as close to "Perfection" as you two will ever be.
ojoba ojoba 5 years
HeHehehe............liverwurst, so well acquainted with the poisonous crap what " loons" like you have to say about Brad and Angie,which suggests that you have a lot of hatred for someone that you haven't personally met but based on a misconception.Btw try not to get it twisted,they are a gorgeous couple who are devoted to helping others,have six beautiful children and are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
are you really going there with the spray tan when your #1 crush is always seen with her fake bake? really? and she is footing the bill to the tune of $100,000 for a couple months in a posh hotel in bh for her latest fling? keep lying to yourself to feel better about your pathetic existence - angie and brad do more than their share unlike the shallow, fake bake, serial shopper, professional dater, lonely dulliston- keep being bitter while angie enjoys the holidays with her man, his family and their beautiful six kids. Loser - i agree about the bad lunchmeat - whew! i can smell it from here
loser60 loser60 5 years
wow someone left the lunchmeat out on the counter too long- it has gone bad
aqwzsx aqwzsx 5 years
she is only bones..and what's up with Gwen's pajamas? LOL
Freyda Freyda 5 years
Why slam AJ & BP when they live far more modestly than Beckhams or Oprah. And why shouldn't AJ and Brad help others when they have so much. It would be great if other people like Trump, Rush, O'Reilly etc. did the same. And no way does Angie own $140 million in real estate most of it is Brad's and with the exception of the house in France nowhere near what you said.
Freyda Freyda 5 years
I didn't say anything about "looks". I said you don't know what you are talking about and you can't add. But I guess PS couldn't handle that comment so they had it disappear. Typical of anything positive about AJ's career or good works.
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
See, all the brangeloons only comment on their looks. Superficial much? I rest my case. Loons are shallow like their idol. Funny how not one of you defended Brad and Angie's extravagant lifestyle, because you can't. Keep that in mind the next time you see her photo opts with children who are starving to death.
ojoba ojoba 5 years
See a perfectly nice ass all u haters can go and kiss on Freyda's avatar especially liverwurst,who appears to be in dire need of some escapism.Angie and Brad look fantastic together as always.
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
@perfection, I never said angie is intentionally covering her tattoos. She can't help it with the fake spray tan they both are wearing. Look at her tattoos! They are muted because fo the peach tan on top of them. Happens all the time with other Celebes. Angie usually doesn't spray tan but with her bid of an oscar she want to look her very best, not show the world how emaciated she really is. Fake, fake, fake, just like her nose job and chin implant.
Wertew Wertew 5 years
Angelina is too skinny :S
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
#! angie is not covering up her tattoos - crazy thought what is the fascination with the nannies tutors etc? the kids need a teacher right? are they supposed to stay home alone and monitor each other when the parents work or are out? call babysitter r us? of course they have nannies and security and talk about it all the time. my god what if they ran into some smelly lunchmeat somewhere that was whacked? they would be ignorant and stupid not to have security etc.
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
Poor Angie...she's paying out a lot of money to be on all these magazine covers, interviews. Buying your nomination is what no talents do.
jolie4u jolie4u 5 years
angelina please pleeeeeeeeeease gain some weight.
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
Oh I think angie has some girlfriends if you know what I mean wink wink...we know Brad does;)
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
I wonder if the invited all the nannies,maids chefs,drivers,tutor's who raise their kids?
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
Where's HER father?
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
Theie peach colored spray tans have partially muted her tattoos LMAO! These are the most arrogant,pretentious people ever.
liverwurst liverwurst 5 years
posted by LolaMD [+] As for her few girlfriends, she is a mother of 6 and wife to Brad. She is busy. Her priority is her family. --------------------------- Angie is NOT married to Brad. She did however, marry and divorce two other men.
crazyone crazyone 5 years
crazyone crazyone 5 years
they are killing it..stunning
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
wow - see why 60 minutes introduced her as the most beautiful woman in the world - she looks incredible. they look very sweet and comfortable together. anyone with six kids, working doesn't have time for much else. can you imagine if she was out and about witha pack of girls what the haters would be saying .........jealousy is such a terrible trait - love her and her family
loser60 loser60 5 years
yeah they are real unhappy - she is gorgeous and they look pretty tight - clearly they are happy and love each other and their family. she has brad, his parents on her side and six beautiful kids - think she is pretty darn happy and proud to be have her work acknowledged. rock on angie
Oyuna62 Oyuna62 5 years
THEY ARE UN HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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