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Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Working Less While Brad Pitt Is Angry With Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Wants to Work Less While Brad Gets Mad

In another week of the never-ending saga, Brad Pitt is rumored to be unhappy about Jennifer Aniston's Vogue interview. Despite the fact that she complimented him a ton, he supposedly still called her upset about the Angelina comments assuming that Jen had "moved on." Angelina, for her part, has stayed out of things as she continues to promote Changeling. She recently sat down with the BBC to chat about her kids and wanting to work less. Here's more:

  • On working less: "I don't plan to keep acting very long. I'm ready to do a few things now and fade away and get ready to be a grandma one day. I'm not so worried that I want to keep this pace up and try to be something and be a celebrity."
  • On making the decision to stop working: "I don't think I'll ever say that I'm never ever going to work, because maybe there's that interesting project where I'll feel creative, but certainly I think now I haven't worked for a year — I'll work for a few months in February. I won't work again probably for another year, so maybe it'll be once a year and then maybe it'll be once every three years."
  • On being with her kids: "I like being home a lot. First and foremost, I have a lot of children, and I need to make sure they're growing right and they've got us there for them."

It's not the first time we've heard Angelina say she wants to film less to focus on her family, but we still find it hard to believe she'll disappear off the radar. For now, though, be sure to check out how to get Angelina and Jen's best beauty looks.

To watch the interview in its entirety, just



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pelininstyle pelininstyle 8 years
I don't know you guys buy i hate this woman! She is so trying to show herself all thetime and pretending to be cool and nice. We were not born yesterday!
ligaya ligaya 8 years
An appreciation of some the X fans here – unexpected, I’m sure. ;-) At least some of you are holding Brad accountable for his actions, most of both X’ fans and Angelina’s fans give him a pass – so sexist. If life had an “undo” button and if it was guaranteed that Brad would still do Project Make It Right if he was back with X, I’d push that button gladly – no matter that Shiloh, Vivienne & Knox would disappear. I really had a bad feeling about Brad and I was right: he brought all this trouble on Angelina who unfairly got ALL the blame; I knew it would be a special man who wouldn’t insist on a biological child – I was right, he had to have a biological child; I hoped against hope, he wouldn’t insist on having a biological son, but no. Not that I have anything against biological children per se. But one of the main things that made me fall in love with Angelina was when she said she would adopt all her children – I know how many chidren and teens around the world need parents. Wah! I want my Angelina back! X can have Brad back – as long as he still does Project Make It Right.
ligaya ligaya 8 years
Here’s an Oscar-worthy performance by Angelina Jolie on YouTube - ANGELINA JOLIE- "SYMPOSIUM ON INTERNATIONAL LAW AND JUSTICE" FULL SPEECH Oct.17. There are people who believe that Angelina Jolie is a poseur – she’s not really a humanitarian. All those expressions of concern and tears are just acting, duh. Of course, X is an actress too – so we can’t believe anything she says, either. We can’t believe anything any actor/actress says because they’re all liars. All those videos purporting to show Angelina in Africa, Asia & the Middle East? Probably staged don’t you think – like the moon landing and in Wag the Dog? Maybe at the soundstage where they filmed the Lara Croft movies?
Chandler1229 Chandler1229 8 years
Jen really likes to milk it... and there are so many suckers out there who will just believe how she portrayed the situation. Jen, said that there wasnt any cheating. Brad has said that (to Larry King)-- I doubt he would lie about that. I mean, the world has already pegged you as a cheater---why try to change the opinion unless you feel that it is not right to be pegged that way... And yet despite that, she lets Brad and Angie be blamed for the fall of her marriage when most probably there was something wrong with her for her marriage to not work right.
Roccoco Roccoco 8 years
Amen to shelly08! Well said!
Michellee-T Michellee-T 8 years
Brad made his own bed, now he needs to lie in it. Don't cheat on your wife and get upset because she called you and your mistress out on it. And don't be surprised to find your ex might still be a bit upset when she finds out the truth. I do not have any more respect for either Brad or Angie. STOP HAVING KIDS! My gawd, can't you see this world is over populated enough? Do you have to add to it? It's absurd.
MissyB1984 MissyB1984 8 years
^ what an idiot
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
seriously, I feel her mouth diarrhea as of late is defensive if you read btwn the lines...she's constantly banging on to the media and I'm sure Jen's very small, proper, clean "uncool" statement is eating at her b/c one thing Morticia wants us to believe is that she's coooool....her whole persona is meant to seem effortless and it's all so strategic...maybe when she was on heroin, she really didn't give a hoot but now, she's trying desperately...she'll keep up that wall of defense for the rest of her life but she and the babysitter were wroooong...the kids will ask one day, no doubt about it
bluesteyes bluesteyes 8 years
That man is a boy i meant! lol
bluesteyes bluesteyes 8 years
Don't know who Aida is ? Sorry, I think Jolie is a soft one, Have you heard people who care always cry the most? That's her. She cares and it's good. I can't say I wholeheartedly agree with their (brad and her) parenting skill but as a person i think she's not so bad. I blame brad for the very public break up more than anything. That man is not a boy. Seriously he reminds me off a little weak boy.
nash989 nash989 8 years
I think Angelina is a great mother but I think there is a very dark side to her. Does Anyone know if Aida Jolie is related to Angelina?
Ginger Ginger 8 years
Angelina is clearly the best thing for Jennifer's career since Friends. It keeps her in the headlines. Her films don't. How many people saw Management, the film she shot in 2007? Not many, since it hasn't been distributed yet, beyond a couple of film festivals. Although I see Iceland plans to open it in February. He's Just Not Into You is pushed back to February... the month they release films expected to die. Traveling, no date even set for release. No wonder she's pumping the media early on Marley & Me. It looks like she has nothing else in the works.
bluesteyes bluesteyes 8 years
Jolie is lovely and Aniston is a fine lady. Brad is lucky to have had both of them. He's an asshole for lying to the public from the beginning. Bread never ever tells the truth. Go and have a look at Diane Sawyer's interview. It's so obvious the guy has lied about this marriage and what went wrong. Brad Pitt is not a man.
bluesteyes bluesteyes 8 years
Shantejam you chop bit and pieces together (the same article has appeared in Perez), please..he's left out load and load of bits and pieces in the media out cause he hates the girl. Everybody knows this!
bluesteyes bluesteyes 8 years
I think some of you remind me of Perez Hilton! Are you sure it isn't you Perez? We know how you hate Aniston so much cause you wish you were her secretly. You even dress up as her on your day off .
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Wow, what sh*tstorm did I miss? I didn't even reply in this thread because I thought it was a rather boring interview (and I really like Angelina, but you know its getting boring to hear the same stuff after awhile). Anyway, some of these comments are hilarious. HighSociety, I agree with almost everything you've said :)
ligaya ligaya 8 years
Vogue has been absolutely brilliant capitalizing on pitting Angelina and X against each other to maximize their bottom line. And they haven’t been subtle about it. They get X in their 2008 interview to comment on a quote by Angelina in Vogue’s 2007 interview. Both women are in revealing red gowns. In sand dunes – one in the desert, one at the beach. To goose X’s issue’s sales, they plaster Angelina’s name on it. (E! online has a side by side cover comparison.)
shantejam shantejam 8 years
IHaveESPN---You need to read the above interviews while spreading lies. You failed to mention that JEN was a married woman while fooling around with Vince Vaughn in 2005 and she initially lied about the relationship!!!
IHaveEsPn IHaveEsPn 8 years
Angelina is charitable but she slept with a married man. It's like a pregnant nun. I'm not sure what the hell she's going for. Jen is boring as hell and her acting is one-note. I want to like Jen more, but it's too much effort.
eveday eveday 8 years
I'm kidding :D
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
I hope you're kidding and not in the middle of a big storm or something eve. I mean that seriously too. LOL Dang I hate the computer for not being able to relay voice inflection and facial expression. Eve, my face is concerned. LOL
eveday eveday 8 years
Yeah, I know...I don't know about the sky but I'm watching out for the ceiling right now.
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
eve, we agree again. You know what, I think the sky is falling. LOL
eveday eveday 8 years
eveday eveday 8 years
Vlada, I don't like reading long posts myself, but I wouldn't say the person who wrote them "just might have issues". That's offensive and you don't know her, you can't say someone might be crazy based on the lenght of her posts. You could skip through them, just like I did.
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