Angelina Jolie premiered Changeling last weekend with Brad by her side, and she also opened up about the film and her family to Parade magazine and German Vanity Fair. While we're still debating the controversial Angelina breast-feeding W cover we saw this morning and waiting to see the rest of the shoot, check out her talking about the film, her kids, and Brad. Here's more:

  • Q: In Changeling, fate intervenes. Do you believe in that kind of mysterious turn of events that can dramatically change one's life?
    A: Only in a positive way. When I met my son Maddox, I went to Cambodia and left feeling I'd left something behind. I went back on a humanitarian mission and I felt, "My son's here." It was the strangest feeling. I woke up that morning thinking, "They're going to introduce me to my kid today and I wonder how I'm going to feel." And the moment I saw Maddox I knew I was his mother. I can't explain it.
  • Q: Does doing a film like this make you feel even more protective of your own kids?
    A: We have a high-profile family, but I don't want my children to be scared when we have to quickly get into the car because some person is running at us with a camera or something. It is a fine line of wanting them to be aware of strangers but not making them afraid. I suppose that, like with everything with children, it's just communication and being honest with them.
  • Q: What helps you deal with all the fame and celebrity that surrounds you?
    A: I'm just a mom and I'm very grounded by my family. I'm very happy, and I'm so lucky. The world can like me, hate me, fall apart around me, and at least, you know, I wake up with my little kids and I'm happy.

To see what Angelina said in VF about traveling with a big family, Brad, and the twins, just


  • On how Brad took charge after flying back and forth from Europe: "Brad took care of things. He just said, 'Go back to sleep, you have to work tomorrow,' and then went to the living room with the kids. He's an amazing father: totally devoted."
  • On the twins: "We're exhausted a lot, because it's twice as hard with two babies than with one," she says. "But it's twice as much fun, too. When you look at them, it's like they were made for each other. They smile at each other, sniff each other, touch each other. It's just beautiful. They're totally sweet. They already have completely different personalities. Knox is more the quiet one, very relaxed, while Viv is a little more aggressive and loud."

It's easy to see that Angelina is happiest when surrounded by her children, and we can't wait to see another photo spread of the beautiful family showing off their big smiles.