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Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
well the oscars are voted on by their peers so that answers that and the peoples choice awards a lot of time awards to the less talented and silly movies. Angie looks beautiful as usual - love what she has accomplished - loved seeing her with brad's parents - they looked like they were having fun running around new york - laughing - both of them had a sparkle about them
loser60 loser60 5 years
Why award all those fluff movies and a comedy? Pleeeeaaaasseee we all know where you are going with that and it will never happen. they all make a dumb movie every now and then but most actors want some substance - dream about those role - agree with #4 little or no acting skills - the kind of movies people who can't read a good book enjoy
janekay janekay 5 years
@#2 agreed....there are a number of great movies deserving of awards in addition to clooney's and pitt's but trust me those mentioned are not any of them...most of those movies call for little or no acting skills...thank God movies do not win awards based on how much money they make at the box office...
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
nice weave
Amesabelle Amesabelle 5 years
Actually, Joanna, your comment makes me sad. Mass interest in a flashy or sub-par movie with little-to-no substance should not, in fact, garner an award. Isn't making $600M award enough? Awards should go to well-made, well-acted films. There are categories that cover the explosions, cool costumes and songs. Which is where many of the films you're alluding to belong at the awards ceremonies.
Joanna Joanna 5 years
I think that it is sad that the awards always to a movie that not as many people go to see. Kristan and Rob were the biggest movie makers and they get nothing. Iron Man 2 made $600 million, Harry Potter is great movie and this kind of movie is always left out. The Help was good too. It is always George, Brad and Angelina. The Tree of Life didn't even make it's money back and the others weren't exactly huge. It's just wrong to not even award a movie that keeps there industry going and people want to see. They never choose a comedy, why? A lot of them have been winners. The Blind Side was a worthy movie but nothing they are mentioning this year has been so I guess I'll just skip watching again.
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