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Burkina Burkina 5 years
Thank you :)
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 5 years
I have nothing against her, think she's beautiful, cute kids, whatever. But in pictures 5 and 6, she looks emaciated. Eat something.
Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 5 years
@ noonehere: I bet it is which ever of them can be pried from their nanny to go with her.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
...when a child's tooth is gone for that long, it most likely means the tooth rotted and fell out (with 15 nannies, they should be ashamed) waaay before the "adult tooth" was ready to come down...John's tooth will be there soon enough...makes sense that Bradolf Pitler likes banging Michael Jackson's post-mortem doppelganger
1246386 1246386 5 years
@burkina here the link :
rennate rennate 5 years
i love that family!!!
Burkina Burkina 5 years
Thats so great to hear! Thanks for the info. Do you have a link to her blog? I fell in love with the country too myself. Its nice to hear adoption stories.
1246386 1246386 5 years
@burkina yes it's sure, zahara has ethiopian cousins. brad'sister has blog where she talks about how she falls in love in ethiopia after she meet Zahara and Angie in 2005. it's a beautiful blog about africa and particulary ethiopia.
BuggerOff BuggerOff 5 years
@SandyFeet. Well said.
noonehere noonehere 5 years
I'm really wondering how she picks which child goes where...
SandyFeet SandyFeet 5 years
Some of you sound like broken records. Come up with a different MO. It is all so redundant, the same complaints over and over again. The children are healthy, it takes a while for permanent teeth to grow in when the baby tooth is knocked out, she likes black, he loves her and has said so, Jennifer is not involved with this family, Brad does not have to apologize for being happy, yes Zahara has Ethiopian cousins, Angelina is out with her children on a Sunday afternoon so what, her clothes are wrinkled because she is going on the rides with her children, no that is not a Prada Bag, Prada's are not that expensive, Shiloh is a tomboy and not a transgender, Angelina is not a saint or a ho, the children are home schooled, she is thin by nature, his long hair is for the current movie role, how do you know he does not bathe, some people have nannies depending the number of children they have, why does it concern you and bother you? Did I miss anything? If I did I am sure some of you will remind me.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 5 years
shiloh's been missing that tooth for a looooooooooooong time
CutieI CutieI 5 years
I like Shiloh A lot. She is adorable.
LolaMD LolaMD 5 years
sorry tolerance he clarified his was the jen loons and the media who spun it out of control.
ojoba ojoba 5 years
Its not abnormal to take awhile for a child upper front teeth to grow in,ffs people should have learned that in elementary school.All the Jolie-Pitts kids are beautiful,every one of them.
Kitty-Collins Kitty-Collins 5 years
@Burkina Thanks for the response, I thought that was something they wanted, but had not gotten around to.
Burkina Burkina 5 years
Ridiculous to say that about Shiloh. So what, she wears clothes that are deemed boy clothes. That is hardly the same as being born in the wrong body.
sanibelgal sanibelgal 5 years
I still think this is all a ruse. I think Pitt put his foot down recently and told her she better spend more time with her kids. I believe the nannies know these kids better than Jolie. When I see her disciplining one of them in public, THEN I will believe she is being a hands-on mom. I can't wait for these kids to be rich tweenagers. Who runs away first? Shiloh's idol will be Chaz Bono.
sowhat sowhat 5 years
It seems like Shilohs tooth has been out forever,,,
Bazzy Bazzy 5 years
Cute kids. I wish she would get her tomb raider body back. she looks so frail.
Burkina Burkina 5 years
Kitty Collins, you are right, they will probably adopt another black child so Zahara doesn't feel "alone". Which is stupid, because race doesnt matter, and to assume two black people will have things in common just because of race is silly. 1246386 - is it for certain brad has ethiopian nieces?
1246386 1246386 5 years
thanks pop, new pics...Great family. Last pic, Angelinae is too cute with her big smile ! no school in sunday, right ? and it's not the first kids who have school at they could have fun someday, no ? Zahara is not the only black in this family, Brad's sister adopt ethiopians too. so she has cousins who come form his native country.
DonnaInMichigan DonnaInMichigan 5 years
Middle of the day school today? Is going to Lego-Land part of their learning other cultures?
Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 5 years
She needs to stop effing with her face before her Madame Tussauds wax sculpture looks more realistic then her. Those claws she calls hands are what nightmares are made of YIPES!
Kitty-Collins Kitty-Collins 5 years
What happened to Zahara not being the only black in the family? I thought that was something they didn't want. Oh well.
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