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anya82 anya82 6 years
Angie looks great, still in all black but she looks happy and the kids are so cute. Thanks pop for giving us what we want.
domino2728 domino2728 6 years
woah.. that movie is way too dark for little kids. My kids won't be watching those movies until they are at least 8. They are pretty scary at times.
Gracebewithyou Gracebewithyou 6 years
They have a responsibility to protect their children when they are out in public. I would have bodyguards too if I had such crazies following me and my YOUNG children all around! Frankly, I am surprised some of these celebrities have the nerve to take their children out, but they cannot keep them cooped up and never let them see the real world! I think it is very difficult for children of celebrities to enjoy the fun things w/o having to always be protected or watched out after by bodyguards, of all things.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
viv is so pretty in pink,she is such a girlie girl and knox is one cool-looking little dude,maybe it would be better if she and brad kept their family closed up behind locked doors that is relatively easy,oh and by the way angelina isn't the only celeb to peddle designer clothes/accessories day in and dy out.
New78978787878 New78978787878 6 years
You know who is back!!!!
New78978787878 New78978787878 6 years
You have your mothers eyes Harry you do.
New78978787878 New78978787878 6 years
Expecto Pretrolem.....
New78978787878 New78978787878 6 years
Merlins Beard!!!!
New78978787878 New78978787878 6 years
Definitions of Stalker is: On the Internet - the annoying menu that chases your progress down a Web page. I went to Bob's new Web site - I love it except for the annoying stalker.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
They're a bit too young to be watching/understanding Harry Potter. She could have left them with the nanny, it wouldn't be anything new.
email email 6 years
hello stalker !
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
there's plenty of pics of jolie with her tits hanging out
1246386 1246386 6 years
cute family...JP is the best !
New78978787878 New78978787878 6 years
LOL!! Realy people, haha!
email email 6 years
6 kids idiot !
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
Hello Theater Owner, Please kick everyone else out of the theater because I need the whole entire place for me and my children. Let the peons wait until we're finished.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
actually she took 5 kids and the ENTIRE theatre so why bother? just get a copy and watch it in your hotel suite.
email email 6 years
You know Dlisted ? the haters are the same people with stupid names. They love blood.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
you're all nuts getting so defensive about people you'll never know.
janekay janekay 6 years
knox is adorable, a real little man...*smile
DonnaInMichigan DonnaInMichigan 6 years
Sure she took the 6 kids, 3 nannies, 4 bodyguards, and drive along and rented the whole theater for her kids to enjoy a movie...yanno like us regular parents do for our kids.....
YoMinnie YoMinnie 6 years
i just don't understand why people who don't like them write rude comments. If you don't like them why are you reading this post.
kcro kcro 6 years
i agree it's really tacky, she shld. pose in leather mini dress w/ nipples poking thru, while clinging to her LV. I think that's really classy.
kcro kcro 6 years
oh what happened to my comment????
kcro kcro 6 years
hmmm... does anybody know what happened to joliepttwatch?...seems like it's down. i think that site is more peaceful , while here ur stock w/ some friend's fans stalking jolie 24 hours . they were scouring every site that has jolie and brad on it, but more on jolie. this is not a good pose for jolie at all, she shld. wear a leather mini-dress w/ tits poking thru it,while clinging to her LV i think that would be so sexy, in fact i might copy her for that.Btw, i was creeped out when i found out a 54 yr. old woman profile pic w/ her grandkid on it, spewing her nastiness. It's so disgustingly embarassing, that a woman that age act like a teenager . I feel sorry for her grandkiddies at all, specially the one in her profile pic. I believe she's also reside her, bcoz these psychotic fans are just everywhere. They shld. worry much about their own lives, if they hv a future or if they gonna live ALONE and a bitter LOSER forever.
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