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Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
 @Beloved I don't think so - just think it is a bad dress
Beloved2 Beloved2 4 years
 @Mimma Soul Sonik Jeez!
Beloved2 Beloved2 4 years
 @rennate  @Mimma Soul Sonik I loved The Tourist!  Very campy!
Beloved2 Beloved2 4 years
 @Mimma Soul Sonik COSTUME!
Beloved2 Beloved2 4 years
 @Mimma Soul Sonik Her dress IS a costume, people!
Beloved2 Beloved2 4 years
 @Perfection2011 She IS still in costume.
rennate rennate 4 years
 @Mimma Soul Sonik  if that's what you think, i have no problem with your opinion, and although i too thought  the tourist was awful, i think angelina is a fine actress that doesn't deserve all the bad rumors, gossip or whatever people create about her. + every actor has a bad movie...
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 4 years
That dress is not doing a thing for her.  It looks like she is still in costume from her movie. Still think she is beautiful no matter what but this look not so hot
Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 4 years
I merely stated a fact that since it is not award/premiere season that you will not see the kids (which is true) & her dress is ugly - which is my opinion, which I am entitled to.  Its not "grumpy/crazy" ranting.  I failed to see the AJ Positive Comments Only  section headline.
lola25 lola25 4 years
Let me get this straight Mimma, Because I stated we haven't seen much of the Jolie-Pitt's. You felt the need to insult Angelina's dress and state she and Brad pimp their children? Even thou we see FAR LESS of the Jolie-Pitt children then other celebrity children. LOL, carry on with your grumpy, crazy rants. Haters gonna hate. Have a nice day!
Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 4 years
 @rennate I was actually replying back to lola25's comment. The Tourist maybe did better in box office then thought but it was awful like most of her movies with her wooden performances.
lola25 lola25 4 years
Dear Cinco, your comment was lame. Angelina was having a business dinner with Danny Boyle and others. Looks like she might be making a movie with Mr Boyle after all. Your comment was straight up tabloid an unnecessary.
rennate rennate 4 years
mimma who cares if she uses her kids for promoting, she is still interesting enough for the paps to follow, which means people buy magazines with her, and watch her movies. and even though everybody says the tourist did awful in box office, that's actually not true!
Cinco Cinco 4 years
 @lola25 Oh precious... Pitt wasn't even with her, so who's comment is lame? That is what I thought!
Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 4 years
oh & ps the dress is fug - no one looks good wearing a bag or a bedsheet or whatever the hell that is.
Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 4 years
No kiddies around because right now there is nothing to promote - the awards season is over.  Wait until there is a premier then boom they will roll em out.
lola25 lola25 4 years
The Jolie-Pitt's haven't been seen much while in London. Glad to see they are getting a break from the paparazzi. Lame comment Cinco. How long has it been? 7+ years.
Cinco Cinco 4 years
She has got that look in her eye... You know the look, the one where she has spotted an attractive married man, and is getting ready to jump!!!   Bless his heart...
fmminis fmminis 4 years
Who gets credit for such a nice photo??
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