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Angelina Jolie Says Her Kids Are "Confused" by Her Career

Angelina Jolie Says Brad Was "Very Supportive" of Her Choosing to Do Salt

Angelina Jolie has been busy in Cancun with the junket for Salt. The Vanity Fair cover girl debuted a sleek new hairstyle at yesterday's photo call, but apparently not everyone is a fan of her new look — Angelina said at a press conference today that Shiloh "wanted me to get my hair cut short." Shiloh played in the pool with her siblings Pax, Maddox, and Zahara while Angelina spoke about her family's impressions of her movie and how Brad was "very supportive" of choice to get back to work. She said:

  • On her kids' reaction to the Salt trailer: "Half of them were uninterested. Pax got upset because someone was trying to hurt his mom. He saw [my] feet wrapped and he got mad. But then I explained to him that I'm fine."
  • On what her kids make of her work: "They're very confused, to be honest. I think they don't quite know what to think. Even the change of hair color is confusing for them."
  • On what attracted her to Salt: "I was sitting in my nightgown in bed feeling very very girly and very soft. I sat with [the script] on the bed. I said I think I found something that will help me get kind of fired up again and physical again."
  • On Brad's thoughts on Salt: "We met doing this style of film. He knows that in some way the action of it is fun for me. We have fun together doing kind of physical things, whether it's my training for this or motorcycle practice . . . it was fun."
  • On Brad's encouraging her to go for it: "Anything I was ready to do he was going to jump behind. But he was happy for me."
Image Source: AP
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