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shans99 shans99 6 years
Totally agree, Freyda, that's why I was trying to make clear that I'm not defending the way they choose to educate their children; the kids appear undereducated and it's not what I would choose (but I went to the other extreme and sent mine to a boarding school, LOL). Just that the specific use of "maths," which a lot of people have pointed to as evidence of her lack of education, is a poor example. Goodness knows other examples abound, so use them!
Freyda Freyda 6 years
Good point shans99 but Willow has been more forthcoming about not being schooled thna just the "maths" comment. Jaden too. It seems to be a low prior for their parents as they expect them to be gazillionaires anyway. Very sad and if they were not multi-millionaire celebrities they would be facing a CPS inquiry.
shans99 shans99 6 years
BTW, the interview in question was given to the UK Telegraph. So either a) since she was in England, she had picked up some of the local dialect, or b) the Telegraph anglicized the quote for their readers, as they've been known to do. Either way, there's nothing "ridiculous" about. God, I hate provincial Americans.
shans99 shans99 6 years
Um, America isn't the whole world and Willow could have picked it up somewhere else. For you to say "at her age, calling math 'maths' is ridiculous" as if it's a lisp or a mispronunciation does indeed suggest someone is stupid, but it ain't Willow.
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
um, this is America and we say math - period
shans99 shans99 6 years
And hasn't her "education," such as it is, taken place all over? She has traveled on location with her parents and when touring. All I'm saying is, if I heard someone say "I have to write a maths paper," rather than thinking wow, they're stupid, I might think hmmm, they seem to have a different lingo than I do. (For the record, that means "I have to take a math test.")
shans99 shans99 6 years
I'm not defending the quality of her homeschooling. I'm pointing out that she *is* well-traveled, whatever else she may be, and the rest of the world calls it maths. It's not inconceivable she would have picked up on that.
MargaretMac MargaretMac 6 years
Or it may indicate that her Scientology based education leaves a lot to be desired. I believe Willow has been educated in the U.S. and not in the rest of the English speaking world.
shans99 shans99 6 years
@jaan_black: "Maths" is actually how most people in the English-speaking world outside of the US (UK, Australia, South Africa, etc) refer to mathematics. So Willow's use of that term may simply indicate she's well-traveled. Maybe you'd also like to know that outside the US, a trash can is called a "bin" and words like colour and neighbour are spelled with a "u". Experiencing life beyond our borders: try it! It's fun!
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
Willow Smith is frighteningly uneducated... at her age, calling "math" "maths" sounds ridiculous...anywayz, glad those little ignoramuses aren't my kids...Zahara and John look very cute
mslewis mslewis 6 years
Burkina, I really don't want to get into this but . . . Willow Smith has been on several interview shows and the child is totally uneducated!! Evidently she and her brother have been "home schooled" and it has not been successful. Google her, listen and read and you will find this out rather quickly. Also, for those of you who are "tired" of pictures of the Jolie-Pitts and their children . . . don't click onto them and the problem will be solved.
Genug Genug 6 years
@bushra you are so right on target!
bushra bushra 6 years
so am i the *only one* thinking Ange looks like a waxwork model in the main photo?
Burkina Burkina 6 years
How do you know what Willow Smith does or does not know? And how do you know when Angelina's kids are in school? Creepy.
Freyda Freyda 6 years
You are wrong Donnaday! Matt Damon takes his kids everywhere with him while he films. So does Will Smith. Suri Cruise certainly is all over the place as well. Other stars like Ben Affleck, Sharon Stone, Eddie Murphy etc just leave their kids behind. The Jolie-Pitt kids have a lot of constancy. Their Grandparents, friends, cousins, Aunts and Uncles, Holly Goline, housekeeper and etc. They were in school in Los Angeles almost the whole 2010-2011 school year and in Missouri for school breaks before they left for Malta. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Doona You are wrong and have zero facts. PERIOD. The Jolie-Pitt children live in Brad Pitt's compound in Los Angeles. Matt Damon's kids' home is in NYC. Will Smith's kids have been traveling with him since they were babies. Ask Willow a question any 11 year old should know [who has been to school] and she will not be able to answer. Now they are being pushed into show business. Redmond O'Neal, Charlie Sheen and Amy Winehouse were raised in the same neighborhood and went to the same school throughout their childhoods. They never traveled with their parents and siblings except on holidays. Worked a treat didn't it? The Jolie-Pitt children do have friends and school mates. I guess we won't know what was best until they are grown. Eh?
MargaretMac MargaretMac 6 years
Donnaday, when you take down that inappropriate pic of that little girl then you can talk about other people's children. You've got some nerve. Jeez, some of you are like broken records with serious emotional issues. The bitterness and bile just oozes out of every pore. These kids look happy, healthy and well behaved. You can't fake that. NEWSFLASH: no one cares about Matt Damon and his kids. But if you do care you can go to agency photo sites and see tons of pics of all these celebrity kids you mistakenly think are never papped. You don't see those pics because no one is buying them for their websites or magazines.
mirror14 mirror14 6 years
Donnaday, well the nosey uninvited people who have been sitting outside your door judging you have decided they don't approve of how you dress and where you go and how much you travel. hahaha. Please shut up. You don't know these people and their travel schedule is none of your business!!
tigerheart tigerheart 6 years
can we please get a break from being bombarded by the Brangelina news?
Burkina Burkina 6 years
Aw look at Maddox's t shirt. Is it Angie's souvenir from playing a stripper in their video.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
Donnaday,lighten up dear,the children are going to be just fine.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
Ok pop enough with the Jolie-Pitt posts. I like them too but there are other celebrities out there.
Donnaday Donnaday 6 years
NO OTHER STARS DOES THIS TO LITTLE CHILDREN. Not even their good friend Matt Damon & his wife. Those children will never know constancy, or have difficulty with it. It's one thing staying at a place for at least a few yrs like military families but then another staying only for few weeks or months. IT’S ALL JUST INSANE, even as a spectator looking in. I am exhausted just reading about where they have been, how much more the poor darling kids.
Genug Genug 6 years
Next - Brad and Angie take the kids to the toilet.....
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