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loser60 loser60 5 years
I am positive angie appreciates your insight into their lifestyle and will take it into consideration  -so nice to see so many people care about her kids
pissymissy pissymissy 5 years
 @ycolette1 No one beats jet lag. No one.
pissymissy pissymissy 5 years
 @ycolette1 I am sorry you are a horrible mom letting your kids buy toys and then making them pay for it. They shouldn't be spending their money weekly at the Dollar Store but learning how to save for college. Even Angie doesn't make her kids pay for their own toys 1-2 month (and how would you know that)?
gd101 gd101 5 years
ycolette1 ycolette1 5 years
As for the more toys comment so what if they get toys 1-2 month. My kids buy toys weekly with their allowance from the grocery store, $1 store, toystore etc.Oh yeah I forgot I'm a horrible mom too.
ycolette1 ycolette1 5 years
 @pissymissy Well your children may not remember London but I'm sure they remember the fun times they spent with you . These girls may remember the fun they had on the boat or the things they did in the hotel with their mom. Just the three of them.As for jetlag AJ has mentioned they try to stick the kids schedule as much as possible. So instead of going to bed at 8pm Amsterdam time they go to bed at 3am in Amsterdam (8pm LA time)
pissymissy pissymissy 5 years
More toys. More two day trips across the continent,. More photo ops. And don't feed me the crap they are being culturally enriched by being dragged all over. My own children say at age eleven they remember nothing about London, Rome, Athens , etc . A trip this short is very exhausting as well.
roseheart roseheart 5 years
Poor Angie looks tired. I would be exhausted keeping up with her busy schedule.  Kids are cute as usual, love the teddy bears lol
hkd hkd 5 years
  And I love that bomb throwing bigfoot on her shirt LOL!!!    
hkd hkd 5 years
  Awwwww....   The Empress looks so kewl with her shock of blue locks...   
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