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Angelina and Brad May Be Fiona and Shrek Someday

Angelina Jolie graces yet another magazine cover, this time it's Italian Vanity Fair, and as usual the topic at hand is her family and their six kids. While most of you are looking forward to seeing Changeling, it's still the most thrilling to get a glimpse into the Jolie-Pitt life and plans for the future. Here are highlights from the interview:

  • On working: "The kids are my priority, so it's possible that from now on I will make fewer movies. I may even stop altogether . . . I no longer have the ambition I had in my 20s."
  • On her younger wild days: "In reality my life is a lot more chaotic and adventurous now. Brad [Pitt] and I pilot airplanes, we travel non-stop, we go to difficult places and we have chosen to do it taking all of the kids with us . . . I feel a lot braver now than when I was an angry young woman."
  • On traveling so much: "Sure I am still restless, but do you know that my kids are the same way? We were in France these last few months and after a while they started asking when we could get back on a plane . . . I want them to be able to walk through a marketplace in Adis Ababa and not bat and eye, not think it is dirty and ugly, but that it just represents another part of the world and humanity."
  • On marriage: "Usually people fall in love and everything revolves around the ritual of marriage, children are an afterthought. We did everything backwards . . . But sooner or later it will be the kids who ask us [to get married]. You know, they see films and start asking questions. Such as, 'Why are Shrek and Fiona married and you're not?' "

While we've yet to see Angelina take an extended break from work, the Jolie-Pitts always find a way to spend lots of time with their children and show them the world. She still has a few projects in the work, but at the moment it's off to Berlin for the family while Brad perfects his mustache acting.


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LittleMissM LittleMissM 8 years
What disgusted me is that she had a PHOTOSHOOT with him. That's taking it too far. Why did she have to have staged photos taken with him and published in a magazine? For attention. And with all the people rich people there on the set, they couldn't have even given him a pair of pants? What's more important, helping the little boy and his family or having a photo opportunity? If you can't answer that question, then I'm sorry, I have nothing left to say to you. Obviously helping him, cleaning him up, giving him some clothes is more important than having a photoshoot. And of course they had to make the photos black and white too to make them extra dramatic. Pathetic... She takes her whole thing too far. My husband and I donate a lot of money to charity every year and we don't brag. We also plan on adopting kids in the future, and we are going to choose whichever kid is available, we're not going to trek the globe intentionally looking for the most exotic kid. Race is irrelevant.
figurine figurine 8 years
"What really disgusted me was when she had this photo shoot of her in Africa and there was this one photo of her with a little poor african boy who wasn't even wearing pants and he looked dirty in the photo." -- That was his everyday life, being tied to a pole so he wouldn't wander away. Is your suggestion that they should have dressed him up and made him smile for the cameras so you'd feel less uncomfortable looking at the picture? Or are you just in general against a certain type of pictures being published?
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 8 years
bitterliberation i love your kindness "madame jolie" lol
bitterliberation bitterliberation 8 years
ya movie looks great. but i swore off all angie movies. ang kitty, that was exaclty what i was thinking. when i was younger, i never cared if my parents were married, i didnt even know what being married was. i just thought that we were living together happily and then obviously we were a family right? i mean, at such a young age, who knows what marriage is? maybe its just another excuse for madame to contradict the things she say (not wanting to get married anymore etc)
italianblonde italianblonde 8 years
I'm not an Angie fan, but I must admit that this movie looks good.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
all she does is talk talk talk about how perfect every single thing in her life is. But if she complained about something in her life, then people would say that she's whiny and resentful of her fame. You always hear people commenting about how she says that she would like more privacy...but I have honestly never heard her say that. I could be wrong though. If you have a source (not specifically you ktty, this is just a general statement), then please show me...all I've heard her say is that she wants the kids to be safe and that the paparazzi scare them sometimes.
LittleMissM LittleMissM 8 years
The difference between Angelina and other "humanitarians" is that she flaunts it every opportunity she gets. She wants the attention, she wants everyone to think she's a saint. Just like I said before, That photoshoot she did with the poor African boy who wasn't even wearing pants DISGUSTED me. And that's just ONE example. Seriously, who does that? That just screams desperation and I feel sorry for that poor boy who was in the photoshoot who was just used a prop. I thought charity was all about helping people (and that means being humble while doing so), not bragging about it and acting as if you're the first person to do it. Its undeniable that Angelina has taken her humanitarian thing to absurd levels. My husband and I donate to charity and we don't brag. If we were to tell anyone, we'd just come across as arrogant and other people might take it the wrong way that we are just trying to flaunt our wealth and act like we are saints, when we are not.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Mykie, her lips definitely look strange in the photos. I don't think she would plump up her lips...they are already big enough. Maybe it was a strange side effect of pregnancy? Like how J.Lo's nose got big while she was pregnant. Who knows? :shrug: I think Angie's lips seem to have gone back to their normal size now. ktty - Actually I think I would rather be adopted by a superstar (in your example, Madonna), even if her marriage was failing, then stay in an African orphanage...or any orphanage in general. But that's just me.
bitterliberation bitterliberation 8 years
about her being a good mum, im sure every mum wants what's best for their child/children. im pretty sure all the other mums out there have their child as their number one priority. i bet isla fisher, marcia cross, reese witherspoon etc are great mums. the difference between these great mums and angie is that they dont go round saying that. i mean of course they are your number one prority. what else? you dont see my mum going round saying "oh i love my kids etc, they're my number one priority. im going to quit acting anytime soon" and dont say you're going to quit acting if you dont mean it. reese witherspoon's a great example, im sure she loves her kids. but she doesnt publicly proclaim it, sho doesnt say something she knows she's not going to do (like quit the acting industry). madame jolie needs to think twice about what she's saying before blabbing words she doesnt mean out of her big fat mouth.
Ginger Ginger 8 years
Isn't the last movie she shot The Changeling? That wrapped 10 months ago, and she's not headed to any new shoots imminently, so a year off sounds like a break to me. I guess all do-gooder celebs are just media sl*ts. Matt Damon, Wyclef Jean and David Arquette were handing out food to homeless people in San Francisco today, but of course they called the press and had all the tv and newspapers covering it. Couldn't just quietly hand out grapes, they had to talk it up.
bitterliberation bitterliberation 8 years
and about her giving up acting. now... where have i heard that before?
bitterliberation bitterliberation 8 years
I hate it when she goes round talking like she's God's gift to human kind. I mean all her interviews are about her perfect family, her mum and falling in love with brad (or something like that). i also hate it that she's such a hypocrite. i used to really really like her especially when she first adopted maddox. but now, ive really started to resent her. for everything. she seems like a big hypocrite. its obvious she's trying to be someone who she's not for the rest of the world to love her.
lexichloe lexichloe 8 years
Maybe her children wouldn't be so restless if she and Brad didn't move them around so much. Every child needs stability and it seems like none of them have it. It's hard to like her after she gives such interviews.
shantejam shantejam 8 years
Oh,ktty, big families are in now for a lot of people, not just Angelina. Some people don't mind big families and don't see children as a burden, but rather a blessing. Also you don't get the Shrek comment because you are not a kid. Kid are very curious and very smart. They question lots of things and things going on around them. You've never heard the statement that kids say the darndest things. Her breastfeeding her baby, nothing odd about that. Demi moore posed nude pregnant on Esquire, I think,not sure of the mag, but anyways,give her a break!
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
It was definitely a strange one ktty, definitely.
LittleMissM LittleMissM 8 years
I don't like dislike her because because she's a "homewrecker", I think thats all really silly. It takes two to tango and that's all I will say about that. I dislike her because she's an attention and always has been. She pimps out her children, and talks about them as if they are toys. She acts like she is a saint, when she's not. She's not the first and she won't be the last "humanitarian". What really disgusted me was when she had this photo shoot of her in Africa and there was this one photo of her with a little poor african boy who wasn't even wearing pants and he looked dirty in the photo. And they even made the photo black and white to add a more dramatic effect. That was pathetic. With all the rich people on the set and resources, they couldn't have even given the poor boy a pair of pants? Well, of course they didn't.... they needed that photo opportunity for Angelina and her "humanitarian" image. Having staged photo shoots like that is just going too far.
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
And California, I looked at all those W pictures in that link that was posted, and I'm sorry, but the close up one of her lips remind me of a hemorrhoid. And I don't just say that because it's her, I say the same thing about Lisa Rinna, who I like.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
To be fair, I think her interviews are getting boring too (basically the same topics over and over again) and Brad's photographs aren't that great. A couple of them are pretty, but I wish he had done some color pictures. Black-and-white can be dull after awhile.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Thanks Mykie! I don't know why people make personal's a gossip site, and yet some people take it so seriously. Besides, I think it would be incredibly boring if everyone agreed all the time. Ihave to say though that I think some people find reasons to hate her and I don't think that's healthy. The "children is an afterthought" statement doesn't sound that terrible to me...most people fall in love, get married, and then have children. That seems to be the point she is making. They did things out of order...fall in love, have kids, then perhaps get married. I don't think she's bashing married people that have kids and saying that they just decided to have children on a whim. :shrug: That's just my opinion.
bluestar bluestar 8 years
Most of the time children are not an afterthought. Unless you are in lala land when you get married and talk about NOTHING before hand and then wind up divorced because you're not on the same page as your partner.
Ginger Ginger 8 years
For the afterthought challenged: dictionary results for: afterthought Unabridged (v 1.1)    /ˈæftərˌθɔt, ˈɑf-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [af-ter-thawt, ahf-] Show IPA Pronunciation –noun 1. a later or second thought; reconsideration. 2. reflection after an act; an appropriate explanation, answer, expedient, or the like, conceived of too late for the occasion. 3. something added, as a part or feature, that was not included in the original plan or design:
Ginger Ginger 8 years
If you really want to talk semantics, the quote is not even complete. What we see is: "Usually people fall in love and everything revolves around the ritual of marriage, children are an afterthought. We did everything backwards..." and then another thought. The three dots imply that there is some break between these sentences. No word in her quote implies that either system is superior. To say it does is projecting your own spin on her words. Like Sandyfeet just said, when most people are falling in love and getting married, kids are the afterthought.
Amesabelle Amesabelle 8 years
Then children were never an "afterthought" for them either, were they? As a matter of fact, isn't the love of children claimed to be part of the reason they came together in the first place? Like I said, she has no concept of reality. I'm adding to that, she says what she thinks people want to hear.
Gladgladglad Gladgladglad 8 years
We don't even know what Angelina answered as the magazines keep the right to full edits. I think Angelina was saying that her relationship with Brad was formed around the children, as she had said in the past any man coming into her personal life as an attachment was going to have to be Maddox's dad and that was a pretty high bar. With two adopted children at the time she and Bad got together I thinks she is saying that was the primary focus. What were they going to mean to their children. They weren't bio kids they had together or the discussion doesn't occur in the same manner.
Amesabelle Amesabelle 8 years
Children are not an "afterthought" for probably the majority of people who get married. Obviously it is not that way for everyone, but I would venture a guess that most people who have decided to marry have done so not only because they love one another enough to be willing to legally commit themselves to one another for life, but also because they intend to start a family. So children maybe an afterthought for ANGELINA, but not for the rest of us living in the real world. Semantics are a bitch.
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