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Angelina's Lesbian Lover Speaks Out

Angelina's Lesbian Lover Speaks Out

It's no surprise that Angelina Jolie had admitted to going both ways. She has even admitted to having people she can simply call at any time to fulfill her sexual needs. Now her long-time lesbian lover is speaking out and she has a lot to say.

Jenny Shimizu is a model and meet Angelina in 1993 when she was an actress and they were working on a movie none of us have heard of called Foxfire. They played lovers in the movie and it turned into something real. Here are a few of the quotes from the article:

“There has never been an ending to her and I. I think there never will be.�

“I think we will continue to have a deep relationship. It really does go beyond just the sex.�

“She’s always had lovers that she relies on. If she can ring you and you can meet up then she can take care of her sexual needs. Whenever she calls me up I visit her. It’s not always the case that we have sex. Sometimes we go to her property in Cambodia and explore the jungle."

“It’s definitely more of a deeper friendship. She’s the person I’ll always care about and always help and always be there for.�

“I don’t think there is any way of controlling Angelina. She’s not going to be a housewife.�

I wonder how Brad feels about all this.

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