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xo_verity xo_verity 10 years
lesocialite lesocialite 10 years
she's so gorgeous it's hard for her to not look good in something.
Fancy04 Fancy04 10 years
Wow, she looks terrible here. What happened to the gorgeous woman she once was. Jennifer 4 sure looks a lot more healthy and happier than AJ does.
Fantasia1 Fantasia1 10 years
very thin actuallly very very thin but beautiful :P
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
I was expecting more than 131 but you're still getting up there guys!
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 10 years
Oh puhleeze we have women doing more than she does, with 5 kids or more and running nations who aren't skinny so really the whole she's got 4 kids and she's a humanitarian etc doesn't quite cut it.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
I actually don't like her outfit at all.
Zarah Zarah 10 years
someone that malnourished shouldn't be teetering around in such high heels, she might fall and break her hip.
RainbowCrayon RainbowCrayon 10 years
Dead woman walking. She looks like a zombie. In good shoes.
Pepita Pepita 10 years
Isn't she too skinny?
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
Why is it whenever someone says that they don't like a celeb, they are immediately accused of being jealous & insecure that they don't measure up to the celeb they said they didn't like?
krisua krisua 10 years
She does a good work but as a person, I'm not into her.
nomerz nomerz 10 years
Something as simple as AJ eating on set gets 100+ posts, lol
tati33 tati33 10 years
hmm..she needs to stop adopting children...i'm not too crazy about angelina... :/
MisterPinkNoTip MisterPinkNoTip 10 years
I like the shoes.
canadianchickie canadianchickie 10 years
Kay, i don't like her there's something about her attitude and demeanor that just seems off, but i wouldn't rag on her for being too skinny. The fact that she has such a hectic schedule, sees all these poor countries, and poor little orphans...if I was in that situation I know that I would totally lose my appetite. It totally affects people more than you could ever imagine seeing that sort of stuff.
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 10 years
Wicked Wicked 10 years
Wow I didn't know she was that skinny. Her legs are very Nicole-esque.
Padraigin Padraigin 10 years
THAT said, she's undeniable attractive and I think she's a good person with a big heart.
Padraigin Padraigin 10 years
I wish she'd put on a little weight - she looks better with more curves, but she's apparently one of those women who doesn't eat during emotional times (unlike me who thinks a hangnail is cause for a bag of Rolos.)
crone crone 10 years
Yes, she is thin Does anyone remember how THIN she looked just before we found out she was pregnant No she isn't, but I would want lots of babies out of Brad My matra would be Making and Baking Babies Whats her part in the movie maybe she has to be thin
Pokemyhontas Pokemyhontas 10 years
I don't envy any celeb. Seriously. I enjoy being able to go the the store without the paps up my a** every waking moment. And the stalker fans. I like my life just as it is.
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 10 years
Poor thing looks sick. She is so thin.
bluejeanie bluejeanie 10 years
she looks nice here. she's such a pretty lady.
ilek ilek 10 years
I agree Nikelle, she threatens people's who are insecure and envious of what she has. I guess those that make fun of her would like Angie to act like a victim.
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