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guest-1111 guest-1111 4 years
@77LOSTLOVE. From what I read on anything about him that is posted mostly when they're on his boat, I mean I'm not a big fan, do like some if his music but I see no happiness whenever they are together which is very sad. I don't know about this other woman but from what I have read a few times is that she's a model or was a model he met years Go and never got over her. Maybe he does write about her I can't quote that but he has choices in his life and he can make them! He certainly can get another woman but he chose to make the biggest mistake in his life with staying with Anna. She has a bad reputation. The world knows that. Again he can make a choice and have a happy life but we only know what we read we don't know what goes on behind closed doors! He seems like a simple guy, very sad he chose this life. Seems you know more about the songs and maybe you are a big fan of his. I can only write what I read and see online. When I see them together it's pathetic how unhappy he looks.
@guest1111 yes he sings his songs for her, listen to cuando me enamoro and why not me and baby hold on,and somebodys me, ( for example) cause he love her and he know that she loves him but he is stuch with that blond arrogant diamonds grabber,cause he have to in( this) his famouse life, that other women is just a very simply usual women who is not famous and not a model if enrique wasnt rich and famous by now,they both were together already
popfaninMD popfaninMD 4 years
Anna has her hand on her tummy? What's she hiding - a baby bump?
guest-1111 guest-1111 4 years
@77 LOSTLOVE. Totally agree!! Amen too that!! But who is this other woman? He sings all his songs for her? Lucky girl!!!!
he is never happy he never smile when he is with her that ugly skinny golddiger,with a ton of make-up on her face he knows he bagged by her he build an expensieve mansion only for her,(cause he don't care about money,big houses,and diamonds) she pushing him for babies and she pusing him for to marry enrique wake-up !!!
always the same pics,he never looks happy when he is with her he did so wrong to build that new mansion,and live together now with that golddigger he can get a women who really love him but he stays to stuck with that arrogant blond bitch who only love him for his money and his famous enrique listen to your heart,listen to that other women who really loves you and for you sing all your songs for
guest-1111 guest-1111 4 years
Not again!!! This happy couple???? Always always look so sad and depressed!! Tired of looking at them already with their stupid boat!
guest-1111 guest-1111 4 years
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