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Anna Nicole's Wedding Album

Anna Nicole's Wedding Album

Anna has been having a very tough time over the past several weeks, but she did seem to be glowing, literally, at her commitment ceremony last week. And now we get a little peek inside the big day with Howard K. Stern and new baby Dannielynn Hope. Wonder if the couple really did score $1 million for the photos. People reports:

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At around 3 p.m., Stern, in a black dress suit and white shirt, and Smith, holding a bouquet of red roses, exchanged vows and Bible verses – as well as temporary rings, because the real ones weren't yet ready.

After the ceremony "we all cheered and Anna wanted to jump into the ocean," says John James, Smith's friend and the former Dynasty actor. "But there were sharks out there, so we sped back to (Sandy Cay), and then Anna and Howard jumped in."

Guests toasted them with champagne and apple cider before digging into some fresh Kentucky Fried Chicken, delivered by boat to the party. "It was fun and Anna was smiling," says James. "Howard and Anna were both crying and kissing and holding hands. It was kind of sad and happy at the same time."

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