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Another Contestant Kicked Off American Idol

Sugar Bits — American Idol Down to 11 Hopefuls

  • Another contestant was kicked off American Idol last night. What do you think of the remaining 11? — BuzzSugar
  • The prostitute at the heart of the Eliot Spitzer scandal has been identified as 22-year-old Ashley Alexandra Dupré. — CitizenSugar
  • A woman named Billie Jean was arrested trying to break into Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. — TMZ
  • Melissa Joan Hart and husband Mark Wilkerson welcomed their second son, Braydon Hart Wilkerson, yesterday. — lilsugar
  • A chance to accompany Scarlett Johansson to the premiere of He's Just Not That Into You sold on eBay for $40,100 to benefit the charity Oxfam. — Page Six
  • As ER gets ready for its 15th and final season this Fall, producers are courting former stars — like George Clooney — to make cameos. — BuzzSugar
  • Joe Francis was only recently released from jail but he's already back to work; his Girls Gone Wild photographers will be filming at 14 Spring Break locations, and he's also publishing a magazine. — Page Six

Photos courtesy of Fox

Join The Conversation
warrawarra warrawarra 9 years
Nice to know that in New Zealand, they're showing the current season for once (unlike Project Runway, ANTM) *grouches*
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
"A woman named Billie Jean was arrested trying to break into Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. " :ROTFL: I'm guessing she changed her name to that because she's a huge fan? congrats to Melissa & Mark.
sarathacoombs sarathacoombs 9 years
For some reason I'm NOT loving AI this year!!! I've not watched a full show yet. After the cheeeeeezy opening number they did last night. I couldn't bare to watch any more. Gosh, that was lame. I love the Beatles with all my heart but I just couldn't' watch them butcher those songs any more!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
I must have missed that Christina, I didnt know they were doing 2 weeks of that! I am not looking forward to that at all... course this week Kristy Lee will be all pop and well-prepared, but still totally a disaster! Quit all ready Kristy
Christina23559 Christina23559 9 years
Well I guess that Woop totally had me on the whole Joe Francis thing. I didn't honestly think that he would have had a personal revalation that he's a total d-bag skeezeball, but it sure would have been a nice change. Have no fear, Kristy Lee will be kicked to the curb next week fo sho! And I'm just curious who the eff called and emailed AI and asked for ANOTHER week of Beatles songs? I mean I love love love the Beatles but do we really need to hear their music getting butchered for TWO full weeks?
blob blob 9 years
That would fab if George made a cameo in ER's last season.
vinnie vinnie 9 years
Joe "Misogynist" Francis makes me want to vomit. And those ridiculous girls that actually get wasted and flash their boobs for his cameras should be ashamed.
treb treb 9 years
I want those boots AI Brooke is wearing.
shenanyginz shenanyginz 9 years
ER is just one of those shows that will be on TV forever and ever... and ever....
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
:rant: Kristy Lee is still in it?!?! Are you F-in kidding me!? What is the matter with these people who are voting for her!?!?
LolaDub LolaDub 9 years
congrats to melissa and mark :) :rotfl: billie jean joe is a dirty sleaze :oy: :jawdrop: 40,100..i hope that person get their moneys worth for that much.
Merlin713 Merlin713 9 years
Oh Billie Jean....
Shopaholichunny Shopaholichunny 9 years
:BARF: Joe Francis Spitzer :OY: :COCKTAIL:
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