Ashlee Simpson has been promoting her album all over the country, so naturally that includes lots of travel and early morning interviews, like the one she did for Washington D.C.'s Hot 99.5 Kane in the Morning show on Tuesday. Shortly after she left, the deejay claimed that Ashlee was drunk while she was on the air, and yesterday Ashlee used her MySpace blog to set the record straight. She said,

"It was very upsetting to hear that people are saying that I was intoxicated when I came in for my morning interview. I take my work very seriously and would never disrespect anyone and come into an interview that way."

Ashlee also said that her constant giggling during the course of the interview was just because she was uncomfortable with the questions she was being asked. We've been fortunate enough to chat with Ashlee and after listening to her clip on the radio the other day, we have to say that she sounded pretty normal to us.