Ashlee has finished up her turn playing Roxie in Chicago and is now back to living in LA. She hit the AMAs a few nights ago and seems to be very happy about her currently single status and her new roommate. Ashlee is currently living with her big sister Jessica. And what is life like living with Jess? People reports:

"I'm happy to be home," she told PEOPLE. "Trying to take a few weeks off and just be normal. Got a new house that I'm looking forward to. I'm living with my sister right now. It's great. I'm definitely messier. But she's been a great big sister. She's definitely taken me under her wing and let me live in her house and invade it."

So what do she and Jessica, 26, do together at home? "She's been cooking for me. She's an amazing cook. I try to help out, but usually I do the green beans and the cake and that's about it."

More pics of Ashlee enjoying the single life at Paris' AMA after party so