I apologize in advance for the Monday morning double Simpson post. I could not resist the most recent Ashlee story. Apparently she is moving up and in with her latest boyfriend. I guess the virginity rule Daddy Simpson had Jessica follow does not apply for Ashlee. The bigger news is that the younger Simpson sister seems to have landed a pretty big gig to become the face of a new younger line for Victoria's Secret. The Gatecrasher reports:

Things are sure looking up for Ashlee Simpson.

West Coast spies say she's selling her Encino home to move in with boyfriend Braxton Olita. (Young Braxton, who plays guitar in her shows, has also graduated from sleeping in the band tour bus to bedding down in Ashley's own private coach, I hear.)

She ought to be able to afford some flashy new digs. It will soon be announced that the 21-year-old will front the campaign for Victoria's Secret's new line, Pink. She beat out finalist Kelly Clarkson to become the face (and hips and legs and … well, everything else) of the new line of younger, "cuter" lingerie.

Lots more sexy sweaty pics of Ashlee in concert so