Ashton Kutcher was in San Franciso two months ago to announce his new online project, and last night he was back in the city to attend the MySpace 2.0 party. He's teaming up with the company to broadcast his show on MySpaceTV, and he joined their CEO Chris DeWolfe to check out DJ AM and the man who would have been DJ AM's father-in-law, Lionel Richie, at the bash. Chris chatted with geek about his company's plans to get more into music, while Ashton talked about the ways in which his three step-daughters influenced his latest venture and how he felt about the Obama victory he and Demi had campaigned for in Iowa. Here's more:

  • On how his step-daughters influenced his new project: "I don't think you can help but have your personal influences in some ways get involved. My girls are a lot less gossipy, I think, than the Blah Girls. My girls are a little bit more — they've been in it for a while. When your mom is Demi Moore and your dad's Bruce Willis you tend to be less impressed by. . . Ashton Kutcher."
  • On Obama's victory: "When he won, we watched a bunch of people rally around hope — and I haven't seen people come around something other than chaos in a long time. In 9/11, everybody rallied around a cause. In the tsunami, rallied around a cause. Katrina, rallied around a cause. And the other night we saw people rally around hope, which I think is a very powerful thing."

Ashton was just one of the many celebrities who threw their weight behind Obama, but he's really paving his own way as a media mogul in training — especially now that he's working on a new reality show with Tyra Banks.

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