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Attack of The Himbo's

Attack of The Himbo's

Pink may have made headlines by making fun of the Stupid Girls in Hollywood, but let's not forget about all the men in Hollywood could be labeled just the same. They may not wear big sunglasses or carry Balenciagas but the male bimbo acts like they are pimpin' with their big studs and hot cars. As much as sex sells, sadly enough, so does dumb. MSNBC has more below but here's who I think is the #1 Himbo of today.

Behind every stupid girl is an equally stupid man — promoting her, dating her, interviewing her. For every Lindsay Lohan treating a Mercedes like a rental Grand Am, there is a Wilmer Valderrama creating a TV series entirely based on “Yo Momma� jokes. For every muted Katie Holmes, there is Brad Pitt, silently trailing after Angelina Jolie. For every Britney Spears, there is Kevin Federline, and a potentially limitless number of dim offspring.

The sad thing is, sometimes I think they have us all fooled since they are making millions, marrying billions and impregnating some of Hollywood's best. The entire article is pretty interesting so click here to read the rest.

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