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Audio of Leighton Meester's Single, "Birthday," by Awesome New Republic

Leighton Meester's "Birthday" — Hit the Dance Floor or Leave the Club?

Leighton Meester is trying to break into the music world, and her first single, a version of Awesome New Republic's "Birthday," just leaked onto the Internet. She isn't the only Gossip Girl cast member with musical aspirations, and now that filming has wrapped for the season, she can focus full time on her singing. She's had success on TV, but recording is a whole different world. So tell us what you think of her song — does it make you want to hit the dance floor or leave the club?


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mileyfan2102009 mileyfan2102009 8 years
WOH WOH GUYS! stop bagging on leighton i bet she can sing better then half of you(the people who were mean i mean). she was amazing in bette davis eyes and with cobra what not...just because of one bad song your going to say she sucks! thats so not right! anyways. i loved it. ROCK ON LEIGHTON! HOPE TO MEET YOU SOON! peace && love, mileyfan2102009
tameeka tameeka 8 years
It sounded good until the chorus.
miz-vanessa-anne miz-vanessa-anne 8 years
catchy. different, but i like it. it would grow on me too. haha. i have no doubts she can sing, but i can't really judge her singing ability on this song. i would dance to this, but i guess i'm just that kind of person. whoever said anything about heidi montag? BLECHHH. i can assure you that i am nowhere close to a heidi montag fan.
little2obsesedwu little2obsesedwu 8 years
It wasn't that bad..she can sing i think. But i still like her on GG no matter what
chichichi chichichi 8 years
OMG...she has a great voice and this is a good song! She is going to become a great singer. she loves singing and it deffinitly shows! She sings this song GREAT!!!!!!!
tbrk tbrk 8 years
Wow~ I like this song~~~~ and looooooooooooove Leighton ^.^
mylky mylky 8 years
Are you Fcuking with me?... =/ I love her in GG. But that song made me cringe.. right.. tooo... the ...end
sadamir sadamir 8 years
Yes, I have to agree with some of you out there. She has a beautiful voice and should try it with a different style of song. & please, please go without the "sexy voice" thing, I find it quite unatractive, but keep up with it! Songs to try: Hilary Duff - Fly Taylor Swift - You're not sorry Missy Higgins - Scar The Veronicas (Maybe) Good luck Leighton
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 8 years
NAW, she needs to stick to being blair.
soleilbell soleilbell 8 years
This was a REALLY BAD song in my opinion...the chorus simply FAILS AT LIFE - the screechiness killed my ears, and the verses sounded almost non-melodic. NOT something to showcase, and definitely something to shut off IMMEDIATELY.
lauren lauren 8 years
anrlover anrlover 8 years
Check out Awesome New Republic's ORIGINAL version and their upcoming album It's increadible!
pendragoney pendragoney 8 years
It's not a bad song; I wish someone who can sing had gotten it. Too bad it's wasted on leighton, who seems more into moaning the words than singing them
OChottie OChottie 8 years
She has a great voice. I too think it sounds like scissor sisters and that's cool, but the song is not great.
RaCheer RaCheer 8 years
I like her voice but not the song.
Mermaid Mermaid 8 years
omg... i love leighton, but this song really is crap :( her voice is not too shabby though
French-Kiss French-Kiss 8 years
I would not dance on it but i found she has a good voice ! and i liked it much !! =) =)
hills hills 8 years
i know its horrible to say but im surprised how much i like it! its brilliant, really fab!
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