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Avril & Deryck Are Married!

Avril & Deryck Are Married!

Congrats to the happy couple who got married yesterday afternoon in Montecito. Seems like the punk pop star went for the traditional vibe when it came to her big wedding day. She wore Vera Wang (one for the ceremony and one for the reception), walked down the aisle with her father and had rose petals thrown at them after their 20 minute ceremony. People reports:

At the outdoor, non-denominational ceremony, Lavigne was walked down the aisle by her father, John, to Mendelssohn's "Wedding March." She wore a Vera Wang gown and carried a bouquet of white roses.

The couple said their vows under an awning decorated with white flowers in front of 110 guests, including family and friends from their native Ontario.

Once the groom had kissed the bride, guests tossed rose petals at the newlyweds as they walked back up the aisle.

After the wedding, guests were to be treated to an outdoor cocktail hour before the reception, including a sit-down dinner, under a tent on the estate. In contrast to the all-white ceremony, the reception will have a red theme, with centerpieces of red roses and other flowers.

The couple's first dance is expected to be to the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris."

Congrats to the happy couple.

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kAzAf_zAm26 kAzAf_zAm26 9 years
it's only know dat i know dat avril married deryck....i tot evan will be his groom.....but it's ahkei.....but deryck looks soh old 4 my pop-star....avrilata.......well got nothin' 2 do.......dat wat av r0ck GIRLFRIEND,...........wakakakakaka["_+]
XDeexDeeX XDeexDeeX 10 years
awww...I love weddings
urokmyworld09 urokmyworld09 10 years
wow.. how long have they been dating??
miracle miracle 10 years
Congrats to the couple, and good wishes too
NduguNStephie NduguNStephie 11 years
Now they can go have a Punk Rock Family...
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 11 years
i think she looks gorgeous! the gown is beautiful!
MonicaNichole03 MonicaNichole03 11 years
I love weddings almost makes me want to get married.
stone_soup stone_soup 11 years
it's so nice to see her grow from "Sk8er Boi" to "Happily Married".
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 11 years
Looks like they decided to have a pretty wedding.
ephemeral ephemeral 11 years
damn avril. Last thing i need to see when i broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years 2 days ago. Indian guy, has to marry an indian girl of the same blood caste as his own. I guess it is much like the whole "Marry a Greek" thing.. and I can say from first hand experience that it is soul destroying when you or your partner have no control over your future. On the other hand, she looks fantatstic in the dress.
MissSixty1 MissSixty1 11 years
marriage can be such a beautiful thing.
evermore evermore 11 years
Toronada i totally agree, my dad hates my b/f coz he's not greek, he's got all these plans for this huge wedding in the only greek church in perth. i can't wait to run away and elope in a different country.
lickety-split lickety-split 11 years
candles? for an outdoor daytime ceremony? but it looks lovely all the same.
lissa28 lissa28 11 years
lol i have to agree with you, kylake. the candles look so much like glasses of milk its hilarious.
MissSixty1 MissSixty1 11 years
BORING AND SO TYPICAL...candles outside lol...and i dont like him...she can do much much better....but good luck to them anyhow.
Critty Critty 11 years
I like the Gremlin better than Avril, am I the only pro-Gremlin on here? Isn't she 12? Seriously, I think she's 20 which IMO is a little young to get married. I was an idiot at 20. OK, I am still an idiot, but just not as much of one - lol.
XoxRainbowshineXoX XoxRainbowshineXoX 11 years
I'm happy for them. Do I think it'll last? Eh.... doubt it. I give them a year. Two years at MOST!
FairyDogmother FairyDogmother 11 years
Good for her. I'm just glad she's not wearing a stupid tie and socks on her hands anymore. We all have to grow up sometime.
GirlinMotion GirlinMotion 11 years
I'm happy for Avril and the gremlin! If she is truly happy then thats awesome for her. I wish her all the best in having a long and happy marriage.
CuriouslyPure CuriouslyPure 11 years
I can't help but feel happy for Avril. She held her relationship long enough and got married before having any kids, whatsoever. I think that's a clear sign of maturity. I'm glad she went all girly-girl with her wedding. It's her big day! I wish them all the best.
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 11 years
EP, i agree. 1. why waste the money? 2. why set yourself up for heartbreak? 3. why wear an ugly white dress?
RosieB RosieB 11 years
Nice to see a couple get married in the traditional way. I seen Avril open for Shania Twain years ago (when Avril sang country music), then I took my son to her sk8ter boy concert years later. What a difference a few years make. Congrats to the new couple.
kylake kylake 11 years
I sure can't think of one right away.
kylake kylake 11 years
Arabella, Toby's marrying an ugly girl, but then I suppose he has to because he knocked her up. Can anyone think of a man who married an ugly woman that was not impregnated at the time or whose family wasn't worth millions?
kylake kylake 11 years
The candles look like big glasses of milk. I had no idea Avril was so into dairy.
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