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The Bachelor - Sarah W get over yourself

Thank you Sarah W for the excellent display of reality TV last night. She was just so entertaining. First she was so sure of herself and her relationship with Charlie. Then she continues on and on about how if Charlie does not pick her than he is an idiot because she is such a great catch and the other 2 girls are not nearly as much fun as her. But of course the best part was the shock of when Charlie did NOT give her the rose. Her demands for wondering why and the amount of "likes" she used were disgusting. Her rant as she was headed to the car.... "Charlie just wasted two roses.... I'm a way better catch then either of them. Charlie just made a huge mistake... It just sickens me." The awards goes to the car ride speech when she tells us how being beautiful is a curse as much as it is a blessing and if she had been a little uglier and a little less noticeable than maybe she would have a rose. Come on Sarah W - get over yourself.

As for the other 2 remaining ladies, Sarah B and Krisily, I am amazed that Krisily made it this far so I guess my money is on little Sarah B. I had my money on big Sarah but she deserved to get sent home last night since she clearly had mental issues. Sarah B is so cute and I think they look cute together. Krisily has a great body but she is trash. She was so annoying last night. And her speech to not spend the night was stupid - Charlie barely did anything to convince her otherwise.

Charlie did his monkey act a few times last night - most notably dancing on the bus with big Sarah. He was cute as he tried to get a kiss from little Sarah. How come he has nothing to talk about besides the relationship with these ladies - what about growing up, siblings, life goals etc. I feel like he runs out of things to talk about on each date.

Next week is the ladies tell all. I can't wait for Sarah W to face the wrath of her roommates. Now that she has watched the show maybe she can see how stupid she sounds.

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