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The Bachelor - the Women Yell All

All the Renee and Kenny excitement almost made me forget about the outrageous "tell all" episode last night. Poor Charlie. He did not want to be there. Did you notice how calculated his appearance was - he came out, answered 2 questions and took off when there was still almost 15 minutes left in the show.

As for Sarah W, she clearly learned nothing since the show has aired. I actually feel bad for her. She lives in her own world but those nasty girls in the house definitely picked on her. These girls acted like they were in high school - they formed clicks and talked trash behind each other's back. The worst Sarah W part last night was when she discussed her dating rotation. She claims she has 5 dates a week - and it's great for her bank account. Who says this crap? What guy is going to want to date a woman this shallow? As for her definition of beauty - we never really found out what it was even thought she was trying to defend herself that she was not just talking about her external image.

I was definitely impressed with Anitra. She was the most articulate and well spoken of all the ladies.

Danushka made herself sound even more like an idiot. I think her and Sarah W live in the same world.

I am still hoping for little Sarah to win. Krisily is trash - even though all the girls in the house liked her for some reason…. Thoughts?

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