Beckham resigned as captain from the World Cup team following their loss to Ecuador earlier this summer. Now apparently Becks has been dropped from the national soccer team by coach Steve McClaren. Victoria is working with his PR team to quickly get the word out that it was his decision to leave, but sources say the coach has his reasons. Page Six reports:

FORMER English soccer captain David Beckham is being dropped from the national team. Page Six has learned that newly appointed English coach Steve McClaren will deliver the shock announcement today. The revelation comes a day after Chelsea captain John Terry was named Beckham's successor. Beckham will continue to play for the Real Madrid team. As the ax falls, Beckham - married to ex-pop star Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams - is said to be working with his p.r. spinmasters to get out the word that it was his decision to leave. "McClaren wants to decelebritize the England team," our source said. "He wants to get back to basics - the game of football without all the distractions. He's also making a new rule: no more wives or girlfriends traveling with the team. That's out."